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Dear Valued Visitor,

Welcome to our website.

You will notice that there is information on learning and education. It is hoped that visitors especially students will find this helpful.

There are web pages that talk about the workplace, the terms and conditions of appointment, career and so on. These are intended to help employees as well as managers.

The major portion of the information is to help managers and supervisors manage people better. Much of it is intended to help Human Resource managers and HR professionals. Line managers and supervisors also play an HR role during to their position.

Whether you are a student, a worker or a manager, it is hoped that as a Valued Visitor to our website you will get some help from the information available at our website.

When you move around the web pages in you may notice that certain information is repeated.

There are reasons for this.

Here are two of them.

First, it is difficult to avoid repeating certain information due to the connection of such information to the topic discussed at that other web page.

Secondly, you can say that the other reason is that the repetition is done somewhat deliberately. It is intended to help jog your memory. It is like committing the information to memory. It is meant to aid you to remember certain things. Helping people is important to us.

When you read books you sometimes notice repetitions made by the authors. He or she appears to state the same thing yet different because of the context under which the words were written.

There may come a time when the contents of some web pages will appear in another web page and those former web pages will no longer appear under their own respective headings. It depends on a review of the direction that the website will take.

The Strategic HR blog will make notification on new information, additions to information in existing web pages, current issues on HR, and so on.

We hope you find your visit worthwhile and you do find help in dealing with your problem in one way or another.

Pascalis Claudius @ Raphael

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