Three Tips for HR People

Here are three tips for HR people. People in HR cannot remain ignorant of the need to become more skilled at their jobs. Remember this if you are in HR.

These three tips concern HR as a serious business, what HR is supposed to do, and on not giving up on people.

1. Learn the Trade
The saying goes like this. "Learn the trade, not the tricks of the trade."

The same is true of HR people. They should not learn the mere tricks of HR. This requires serious study of what human resource management truly involves. And what HR can contribute to the organization.

If you are an HR person - HR Manager or HR specialist, you may need to do a lot of reading. You may need training and to attend relevant HR course programmes to update your knowledge and skills. You need to learn from others especially who know more about HR.

You need to enhance your competence and skills in human resource management so that in your turn you can provide HR support not only to people in HR but anyone in the organization who are need of HR know-how.

2. Don't think that HR is all about Employees' Recreation
Get it right. HR is not about employees' recreation. HR is not a "good feelings" club.

Some, however, point an accusing finger, saying that HR is involved in mere public relations activities. True enough HR people must know how to go about creating a harmonious working environment. They have to get involved in industrial relations matters. This is vital to organizational growth in practically every way.

HR people are there to help the organization prosper for the good of all stakeholders including employees and management. They can do this by getting to know well all the important things about human resource management, what it is and what it is not. People in HR need to learn to treat HR as a "business enterprise."

3. Last of three tips for HR people: Do not give up easily on People

Another tip for HR people concerns employees.
HR is about people and how they play the role as one of the important engines of growth in organizations. Without capable people, organizations will end up nowhere or will fall short of the objectives.

You may have read that in some developed countries, there are robots who can perform chores almost like individuals. But even these robots are the inventions of people using their brains. And these people were most often than not recruited by people in HR.

You may have seen the Terminator movies where the smart machines turned against the very people who invented them, intending to wipe them from the face of the earth. One of the things that one can learn from these movies is that machines cannot and will never think like a human being.

This can only mean one thing - not giving up on your people. By doing this, your organization has a sure hope of making a success of itself. This three tips for HR people are intended to help refocus your attention on people.

There are other HR tips but these three tips for HR people are thought important enough for consideration by organizations and definitely by HR people themselves.

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