Employees in Strategic Positions Play Critical Roles

Employees in strategic positions play crucial role in your organization's financial success and therefore, and survival in a competitive environment in a border-less world. Excellent performance by holders cries out for good and commensurate rewards.

Strategic recruitment is intended to ensure that you engage the right people for these positions.

Whether or not your organization has a localized or a globalized operations, identifying your employees in positions of strategic influence is one of management priorities.

The first important step you can take is to ensure that the right decisions are taken right from the beginning.

An instance of this is the recruitment exercise to fill key positions. Your recruitment strategy is to identify candidates who possess the right qualities.

This means that you need to verify whether the vacant positions for which you are interviewing candidates are key positions or not.

After having identified the key employees, arrange on-going training and development for them to enhance their ability and thus increase their productivity.

This will also prepare them for more responsible assignments in the near future.

Whereabouts of Employees in Strategic Positions
Key employees are found at various areas and levels in your organization. Their number varies depending on the types of organizational activities your organization carries out.

Many of these employees stand at the 'meeting point' between the organization and its customers and other stakeholders. These are the people whose activities generate revenue for your organization.

Other key employees include those who facilitate and ensure the effective performance of these revenue-generating activities. These are mainly managers and supervisors.

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Employees in Strategic Positions
Employees who play pivotal role include decision makers at the strategic, tactical and functional levels.

They are responsible for putting in place enabling infrastructures in the form of policies, systems and procedures. These provide support for the entire workforce.

Ensure that these are aligned to your organization's overall strategic plan.

Always try to make every plan involving key positions with the intention of developing the holders, motivating and empowering them. Motivated employees can help yorganization achieve positive financial outcomes.

Improving employees effectiveness will involve carrying out the following:

  1. On-going training and development to ensure continuous improvement;
  2. Recognition of employees' excellent achievement and celebrating their successes;
  3. Implementing effective communication channels;
  4. Making available promotion opportunities for key employees and upgrading them at the right time;
  5. Rewarding these employees for jobs well done.

Ensure that other employees know and understand the reasons why these employees so identified are rewarded.

You may need to convince these other employees that they too have similar opportunities under favorable circumstances subject to the quality of their performance and level of contribution towards corporate success.

Employees in Strategic Positions as Role Models

If you have the intention of making any employee as the role model, ensure that that person truly embody most of the qualities of a model employee.

If you fail to select the right person, it is very probable that problems will keep on pestering you. You may find that the good that can from it is not as expected. The system may fall apart.

This means that not every key employee can fit the role.

Make known your choice only when you are sure. Otherwise it is better not to choose anyone for the time being.

When it becomes clear that any of the employees in key positions are falling back on his or her productivity, you may have to re-assign him or her to another area of your operations.

Do this with care and after taking professional advice, if necessary. Assure the employee that she or he can return to the former position once he or she has succeeded in attaining the necessary improvements.

Strategic Positions and Key Employees
Strategic positions are found "where the money is".

Employees holding these positions need to have most if not all of the qualities that make them fulfill the aims of the position.

Such a position of responsibility is stressful. Provide these employees with all the necessary support. If not, these employees will experience burnout.

Align the objectives of these positions to the performance of your key employees. This ensures that these employees will play their role as expected.

Your organization will benefit from this in terms of higher productivity.

This will also send a message to your other employees to focus their attention on doing their jobs well and helping the organization perform better and better.

When your organization falls on hard times, ensure retention of key employees in strategic positions.


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