Strategic Education can give an Organization Competitive Edge

Strategic education in HR management involves continuously up-dating the skills and knowledge of employees based on job needs and the needs of the organization.

Organizations need to invest in quality education. Now, it is increasingly becoming urgent for organizations to invest in global education. Organizations need better talents in the face of increase in the movement of people, capital, goods, and information across national borders.

Doing this helps to maintain the competitive edge of your organization through improving the quality and capability of your people. This is of particular importance if your organization has business operations across the globe.

Investment in employee education contributes towards the development of excellence among employees.

HR Development and Education Objectives Comparison
Some argue that the objectives of education and human resource development differ.

In fact, these complement each other.

Education and training main aim is to produce human resources of the right quality, quantity, and types. It is sometimes described as "mind preparation".

On the other hand, the objective of human resource development is to enhance competence and channel such competence to achieving corporate goals.

You may understand this better in the context of an organization's plans to attain its respective corporate objectives.

Education and human resource development point in the same direction. And this is to produce quality human resources who have the right qualifications, knowledge, skills, and competence required by organizations to help them succeed in the industries they are conducting their activities.

Your organization is fortunate if you can find people with the right qualification, knowledge and skills that fit the needs of your organization from the time they commence working.

Further and continuous training and development will enable them to perform their job better and better. This is all part of career planning to motivate employees and to make them commit their talents to the success of your organization.

Getting Your People Ready for any Eventuality
Develop the talents, skills and competence of employees. Make arrangement to regularly update these in response to changing conditions and corporate needs.

Continuous learning, a necessary part of strategic education, is vital to ensure people are in a state of readiness at all times.

On-going learning increases the knowledge and skills that reside in your employees. Strive to become a knowledge organization.

In order for you to ensure that your organization can achieve its defined targets, it is necessary that employees clearly understand the organization's objectives and how their jobs respectively contributes toward achieving these objectives.

You need trainable employees. Employees who refuse to attend courses and training program can hinder organizational plans. You may have to re-assign such employees to less critical jobs.

Role of Books in Strategic Education

Books play an important role in education. These includes books on formal education. This is still true even with the availability of ebooks. Not everyone can afford gadgets that facilitate this.

Books on formal education are not the only books that are important. We learn as much, if not more, from books that give us a true glimpse of life itself. Build up your general knowledge. This is of tremendous help, no matter what your station in life is.

Develop a love for books

One such book that is a good read is "Profiles in Courage" by JFK.


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