Skills and Competency Improvement - Stay Ahead of the Competition

Skills and competency improvement an ongoing activity, builds capacity to achieve organizational targets.

Skill is the ability to do a task, an assignment, a piece of work, a job, or some other thing well.

Competence is the capability to do something intellectually and physically and succeed at it.

Constant use of a skill sharpen it apart from the benefits that can result from it. Such beneficial results include improving the quality of your work thus contributing to the quality of service that your employer is providing. With additional training higher productivity is achievable.

A child, for example, slowly learns to fend for himself or herself until such actions become part of his or her skills in growing up. And he or she learns to do them well.

The same is true of a newly-recruited employee. The same is true for you whether you are newly employed or promoted to a higher position. Look for opportunities to attend skills and competency improvement training. Check out with your management what training are available.

The ability to do things well is gained through training and or experience. In this context, experience refers to work experience.

Training plays an important role in human resource development to provide new skills, to enhance competence, and to build capabilities.

For example, if you are a supervisor, you can provide or arrange for on-the-job training for new employees to speed-up their learning and to shorten their learning curve.

As an employer or manager, you want your workers to possess the knowledge and abilities required to perform their job well. You expect your people to finish every assignment efficiently.

This is what you expect because you know the same is expected of you yourself. You expect that at the end of the year the bottom-line will improve.

People in managerial and supervisory positions need to possess all the necessary competencies as managers and leaders.

To achieve better results they must not only become competent managers but also effective leaders. Managers, whether or not they have previous experience, need to undergo skills and competency improvement programs regularly. In this way, they are always up-to-date.

Many employers have a policy of training their staff on an on-going basis. However, if there is no such policy, employees have to personally take action to improve themselves.

Your people need to attend courses from time to time. Sometimes, there are free courses available.

Take advantage of these to help bridge your competency gap.

It can also happen that people selected to attend courses cannot attend due to official commitment. Give them time off.

If any of these courses are relevant to your job, inquire from your employer or superior whether you can attend instead. This is one of the golden opportunities for you to attend training programs. It is more probable than not that you will get the approval. Usually the training fees are already paid and late cancellation will get your organization penalized.

Take action to continuously undergo skills and competency training. Being more able and competent will help you as you progress in your career. You can make yourself an expert and a source of reference for the purpose of important management decisions.

Skills and competency improvement builds up your expertise pool

When you develop a plan to improve the skills and competence of employees, you are building your expertise pool for the future. The types of improvement will depend on the future direction of your organization.

The first priority is to provide continuing support for the core business activities. Then the rest.

If there is a plan to expand to other countries, one expertise needed is the ability to manage a very diverse workforce. Knowledge of other languages and cultures is necessary to compete in a global workplace.

The same is true of there is intention to expand to new businesses. You need to arrange for selected people to undergo skills and competency improvement programs. Do this before launching the new business endeavours.

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