The Need for Skilled Professionals among Corporate Leaders

Organizations need  skilled professionals in every area of their operations.

Recently the top man in the Bank of India wanted the staff to enhance their skills set. This is one of the surest ways to increase productivity.they

What does this imply? One implication is that paper qualifications are necessary. But skills differentiate the quality of the results that people produce.

You can find employees with professional qualification in all the large corporations or organizations. But knowledge and skills can get outdated. The qualification that one obtained some years ago may become out-of-date almost from the moment that person starts work. So the need to update knowledge and skills.

The Urgent Need for Skilled Professionals in a Globalized digital world

The need for professionals with the necessary skills set has become more crucial, and urgent, in a world of relentless progress. Professionals can barely keep up with the progress in technology. Well, perhaps those grouped under the Generation Y may not lag too far behind. But they are not immune from other shortcomings.

Who can help steer people in the right direction in so far as knowledge and skills are concerned? Look no further than HR.

HR is involved right from the beginning with people who are selected to join the organization. HR's claim as a strategic business partner or the requirement for HR to equip itself as a strategic business partner requires HR to see the overall picture in employee development. HR will have to do this by keeping in view the business objectives of the organization.

In order to do a reasonably good job in this, HR need to have a working knowledge of the digital world. They may even have to enhance this
knowledge by using relevant HR technology.

HR Innovation
HR innovation is necessary to keep up with the relentless progress in digital technology, and harness its benefits to HR advantage. And the organization!

This would mean that HR must re-invent itself. It must seek new ideas in dealing with the various areas concerning people, formulate new
processes to make HR more effective including the proper and effective use of IT. 

There are people who talk about eHR. This requires application of knowledge through technology. But is this the way forward that HR people want to go? Is there any other choice in this digital age?

Many organizations are already using HRIS to provide HR services.

It is said that simple automation of HR does not provide competitive advantage. Many argue that organizations need to use tecjnology to
transform HR. They further argue that the use of technology will help HR to play its role in the business.

This can only mean that organizations need skilled professionals among their HR people.

Advantages of having skilled professionals

Some had argued that organization can use technology to perform the following:
E-Performance Management

Using eHR has advantages or benefits but it is not without any shortcoming, weakness or risk.

It is advised that organizations have to weigh the pros and cons before making the final decision. And once implemented, usage of the system must continue otherwise it is another expensive system flushed down the drain. Some people will then have to answer to some other people somewhere.

Top Management
People at the very top need to equip themselves as skilled professionals. If not, how can they make decisions in difficult or under complicated

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(First created on October 9, 2014)

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