Employees' Self Motivation -
Little Things You Can Say or Do

Employees' self motivation is a bonus to managers and supervisors, and to employers.

But as a person in-charge, you may inadvertently do or say things that demotivate people. This has negative impacts on morale and performance. These can include things said or done or left unsaid or left undone that make employees feel that they are no longer valuable to the organization.

Due to a number of reasons, some good and some not so good, you may overlook the fact that what you do or say will affect employees' motivation. This has impact on their performance on the job. Managers whose motivation is questionable is one reason.

This is to the detriment of the organization.

Understand what motivation is in order to see how you can improve the self motivation of employees.

Positive effects of employee self motivation

You can expect the following:

  1. People's commitment towards their respective jobs;
  2. Satisfactory performance on the job;
  3. Better organizational skills;
  4. Self-motivated people are self-driven. They do not wait for instruction.;
  5. These people try to overcome obstacles at work.

The following can demotivate people
Try to avoid the following. Don't end up with people with sub-standard performance.

  1. Do not constantly tell employees that they are lucky to have a job and that they should thank the organization for it.
  2. Avoid being unfair when rewarding employees. Employees will readily notice biased decisions and will remember how they were treated. You will lose employees' trust and belief in you and the organization.
  3. Do not under-estimate the importance of skills and competence when choosing candidates for higher positions. Sometimes, these are more important than academic qualifications although qualifications are important, too.
  4. Avoid even the appearance of bias when choosing candidates for promotion. Ensure that it does not look that an employee is promoted because of the goodwill and leniency of management. The employees will not forget this insult. Discrimination is prohibited by law such discrimination based on gender.
  5. Keep promises and carry out your part of the bargain.
  6. Be professional when implementing rules and regulations. Do not misuse rules and the law. Do not use the law to punish employees for every shortcoming.
  7. Avoid making comments that indicate that you regret giving out things, such as certain benefits, to employees.
  8. Avoid being petty about unimportant things such as an employee's shirt being too colorful. (Of course, your dress code may specify what employees can wear while at work.)
  9. Do not over-emphasize the importance of the past. Instead, point out the future direction of the organization to employees.
  10. Telling employees non-stop on the things they must do. Give them adequate time to prove themselves.

These are some of the things that make employees frustrated and feel bad about working in your organization. They may feel that their contribution is not appreciated.

You can add a lot more to the list if you reflect long enough on what is happening in your organization.

Use strategy to improve the self motivation of employees.

By doing this the status of your organization will improve.

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