Sample Suspension Letter

The Sample Suspension Letter explained here is intended to accord some form of help to your organization. You may have to check out other samples or examples for comparison.

The wordings of the suspension letter will depend much on the laws currently applicable.

Suspension is for various reasons. It can differ due to different circumstances.

An organization may suspend an employee for misconduct or some felony committed. The disciplinary rules and regulations need to provide for this.

An educational institution may suspend a student for inappropriate behavior or unsatisfactory academic performance. Some colleges make it their policy to follow up on their suspension letters, offering further clarification that can help students.

An organization may suspend a contractual agreement due to poor performance by the contractor, thus preventing further performance. This usually leads to the case being brought before a law court.

The sample suspension letter explained below is with respect to an employee who had committed a misconduct. The suspension is to allow management to conduct a proper investigation while the employee is away.

Normally the laws stipulate that the suspension is for a two weeks' duration. However, check out the law currently applicable to the case under consideration.

When Do You Issue a Suspension Letter?
One occasion is when there is a serious misconduct committed by an employee or person.

Some organizations specify that they can only suspend an employee or member who is serving an active disciplinary action. This usually for poor job performance.

What you can or cannot do depends on the provisions of your disciplinary rules and regulations. Follow these apart from the applicable legislation and other legal requirements.

Sample Suspension Letter with explanation Study the example provided herein. Compare it with the format that you are using.

Check out this sample suspension letter

Study whether it can provide some help.



To: .........................
(It is clear from sample suspension letters that it is the residential address of the employee.)

Sir / Madam,



This letter serves to inform you that in view of the impending disciplinary action as the result of the alleged misconduct made known to you through our letter dated ..... (state date of "show cause letter") * you will be suspended without pay ** for fourteen (14) *** days effective from ..... (state date suspension is to take effect).

Be notified that this suspension is not a punishment.**** This is to allow management to make a thorough investigation of the alleged misconduct.

You have the right to appeal ***** this suspension in accordance with the company's Staff Grievance Procedure. You can make further inquiries from the Employee Relations Section of the Human Resource Department.

(Name and Signature of Line Manager / Supervisor)
copy to:
1. Departmental file
2. Employee Records
3. Director of Human Resources


  1. * You may consider inserting the suspension in the "Show Cause Letter" itself.
  2. ** You may want to suspend employee on half-pay if stated in the rules.
  3. *** The length of suspension is usually two weeks including Sundays. But if your policy allows for a longer period, you can suspend the employee for that period. If you state a shorter period this can imply that you cannot use the longer period in future.
  4. **** Sometimes, a suspension is considered a "punishment." You may omit this.
  5. ***** People cannot usually make appeal where the alleged "wrong doer" will interfere with the investigation or potential witnesses. Provide for this in your disciplinary rules.
  6. You may decide to check the contents of some other sample suspension letters before finalizing the final version.

Unionized Workplace
What can you do if the employee facing suspension is a union member? In this case, the suspension letter must state the relevant Article in the Collective Agreement. This is in respect of the misconduct and the right of appeal mentioned in the letter. Click here for relevant information.

Failure to Perform
Some organizations impose suspension as a form of "punishment" which remains active for a stated period of time ranging from nine months to a year.

Such suspension letter is usually issued for poor job performance.

A number of sample suspension letters explain when a suspension is imposed.

Legal Compliance
Ensure that you follow your organization's existing disciplinary rules and procedures apart from the country's legislation and the common law on these issues.

In addition, ensure that the employee acknowledges receipt (AOR) of the letter.

Some sample suspension letters insert this as a separate paragraph.

Check out this Sample Show Cause Letter.

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