Sample Probationer Employee Termination Letter

This sample probationer employee termination letter may look the same as the format used by many other organizations.

The termination letter of probationer employees is similar in many ways to that of employees already confirmed in service.

You might have noticed that most appointment letters issued by many organizations are fairly similar.

You need to exercise due care and attention when preparing the termination letter of an employee who fails to satisfy the conditions required for confirmation in service.

Check whether the sample probationer employee termination letter found below is good enough for your organization's need.

Company's Letterhead

1st May, 20xx

Miss Probationer
23 Temp Street
213749 Permatown

Dear Madam,


As stated in your appointment letter, one of the terms states that confirmation in service is subject to successful completion of a nine-month probationary period and any further extension of time.

Based on the assessment made, your performance during the first nine months of working for ABC plc was not satisfactory. It was also found that your performance during the three-month extension probationary period fell short of the required target.

The panel that heard your explanation found that you had not performed to the expectation of the company. This was in spite of the fact that you had been given counseling on at least three occasions, that you were sent for the necessary training, and that you were given adequate time to show diligence and improvement.

Notice is hereby given that your service shall be terminated effective from 16th May 20xx.

The company will pay any salary or wages due to you less permitted deductions.

You are required to return any company-owned property issued to facilitate effective performance of your daily duties and responsibilities.

We wish you success in your future employment.

Madam Prue Dismas
Vice President, Human Resource Management
for and on behalf of ABC plc

What sample probationer employee termination letter clearly shows

As in the case of permanent and confirmed employees, employers can only terminate the service of unconfirmed workers or workers still serving their probationary period, for cause.

Employees on probation are issued show cause letter if their performance falls short of management expectation based on agreed targets.

This letter is issued only after proper counseling and training are given and an adequate period of time is given for the worker to show improvement.

Doing this prevents any party, including the employee, from questioning the fairness of the dismissal.

As a precaution always ask your legal people to check the wordings of the letter before giving it to the employee.

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