Use Sample Performance Appraisal Forms with Caution

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Sample Performance Appraisal Form that offers you help to prepare a fairly good appraisal form. Refer to documents such as this but do not follow everything found there. Read more information on Performance Appraisal HERE

Take action only after determining what is suitable and useful under your human resources performance management plan.

Let us examine some of the things found in sample performance evaluation forms on what constitute an adequate performance appraisal form, that is, adequate for your needs.

You will note that sample performance appraisal forms contain some or many of the following assessment factors.

  1. Accuracy of work
  2. Administrative Skills
  3. Analytical Skills
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Creativity
  6. (Quality of) Customer Service
  7. Dependability
  8. Flexibility
  9. Initiative/Motivation
  10. Judgment/Maturity
  11. Knowledge
  12. Leadership
  13. Management Skills
  14. Personal Qualifications
  15. Planning ability
  16. Problem-Solving
  17. Results-Orientation
  18. Selling Skills
  19. Teamwork
  20. Technical Skills

Some of these factors are behavioral competencies. Many are related to training needs, not appraisal. This is indicated by words such as 'skills'.

Choose the Best Sample Performance Appraisal Form

There is no magic formula in the choice of a particular appraisal form. This depends on what type of performance appraisal method your organization selects.

It is important that you carefully choose information from samples of performance appraisal form that you can get your hands on. This must serve your organizational needs.

Different types of performance appraisal form including those available on-line offer valuable help if only you know how. Collect, understand and compare before using some of the heads for evaluation of employee performance.

A good approach is to keep it simple, easily understood by those who will use the form and easily implementable.

The purposes for which you want to use the performance results are relevant considerations in performance management. These include assessing productivity level, determining rewards and development requirements.

On-line Evaluation
Performance management experts can help your organization to implement on-line assessment using the latest software. In this case it is not necessary for you to refer to samples performance appraisal forms.

This technology is not cheap and the learning curve is fairly long especially for those who are not IT savvy.

Another option is to look for available service / software providers on-line. Example:

Another option is to purchase a software system readily available from the market.

Whatever you intend to do, exercise extreme caution and seek expert advice.

An effective performance appraisal system as part of performance management is an important part of strategic human resource management. You may delay implementation. But there is no alternative but to implement some form of performance appraisal.

Doing it right from the beginning will go a long way in improving the state of affairs in your organization.

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