Sample Job Transfer Letter

This sample job transfer letter serves as an example how such a letter may look like.

Here, an employee is applying for job transfer from her present position in the Administration Department at the Head Office of the company. She wishes to serve the company in an equivalent position in the Operations Division.

Job transfer applications are fairly common. A few years from first appointment, an employee may want to seek transfer to another department or division where opportunities for career progression are better.

Another reason is that the employee is dissatisfied with his or her present job. He or she may not find it challenging and feels unfulfilled on the current job or he or she is being harassed by the superior.

Employees who apply for transfer would have thought hard and long before asking for a transfer. In some cases, the request for transfer is an indication that the employees are crying for help from the highest authority.

Letters like this convey a message to top management. As the HR Head, you need to find out what is really happening. Do this before responding to the job transfer application letter.

These events present you with opportunities for making improvements.

The sample letter below shows how a job transfer letter may look like.

Treat the following sample job transfer letter for what it is, a mere sample

Ms Dora Lomech
Lot 7, High Street
Swans Housing Estate
770777 Fort Oldtown

20th February 20XX

The Managing Director
New Springs plc
Ground Floor, Lot 8
Block A, Riverside Complex
North Star State

Through: Administration Manager



Kindly be informed that I had served New Springs plc for almost five years to date. I am presently holding the position of supervisor in the Filing Section at Administration Department, Head Office.

I find my present job fairly interesting and I am grateful for having been given the opportunity to serve New Springs in this position.

However, I wish to serve New Springs in a different capacity where I can participate directly in revenue-generating activities of the company, thus contributing to its continued development and financial success. I honestly believe that in this way, I can make contribution in a more meaningful and productive way.

It is with this in mind that I am seeking approval to be transferred to the Operations Division, with the hope that I am given the opportunity to hold an equivalent position.

For your information, I have tried to read as much as possible about the operational activities of the company. Further to this, I had used my spare time to observe these activities in real time. And I liked what I saw.

I enclose herewith copies of my academic qualifications, certificates of attendance at various courses, and other relevant documents.

I look forward to a favorable reply soon.

Yours sincerely,

(Signature and Name)

This sample job transfer letter is different from a letter issued by the employer requiring an employee to take up another job in another department, division or location. This other letter is worded differently.

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