Sample Employment Policy

This Sample Employment Policy explains some of the contents of this type of policy which forms part of the bigger picture, namely, that is found in HR Manuals.

Such a policy is necessary for appointment purposes and related matters.

Samples of employment policies may prove useful to managers and employees alike. It is something concrete, that is, in written form which they can refer to whenever the need arises.

An employment policy may contain several matters including those stated below.

  1. It is the policy of ABC Inc (Name of the organization/company) to employ, reward or promote employees based on merit, competence and or qualifications. ABC Inc will not discriminate against any employee based on sex, age, race, belief, marital status or physical appearance / characteristics.
  2. Employees of ABC Inc are prohibited from refusing to employ, reward, promote or provide fair employment terms and conditions to any job applicant or employee. Further, no employee of ABC Inc is permitted to discipline or terminate any employee based on sex, age, race, belief, marital status or physical appearance / characteristics.
  3. No employee, agent or contractor of ABC Inc is permitted: To make any statement, insinuation or joke or to act against any person that is regarded as offensive or prejudicial; To intimidate any employee or to interfere with the work or working condition of any employee; To prevent employment of any employee's relatives as long as no conflict of interest exist or may exist with the employment of such relatives; To act in any way that may go against any law governing the employer-employee relationship.
  4. ABC Inc has entrusted the Human Resource Manager with the responsibility of initiating investigation into every allegation of violation of any of the provisions of this employment policy.
  5. ABC Inc reserves the right to review this policy from time to time subject to the law of the country and accepted ethical business practices.
  6. You may seek further clarification on any part of this policy from your superior or from the office of the Human Resource Manager.

A good sample employment policy

A good employment must not fail to take new legislation into consideration. New industry norms on employment that are sound deserve attention.

This means that a policy review is necessary from time to time or as the needs arise.

A policy review from time to time is necessary in order to comply with the law, so that the organization is legally compliant at all times.

Upon checking samples employment policies, you will note that this sample employment policy does not contain every details or is not the same as these other samples.

The sample policy found here only gives you an idea how such a document may look like. Draft your employment policy according to organizational needs and requirements of the law.


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