Crucial Role of Safety Experts

Safety experts are required in almost every area of human activities particularly those that are hazardous in nature. With the rise of industries, safety considerations have become very important.

HR need to take active involvement in safety matters as well as health and wellness programs.

These are usually contained in the safety and health policy of organizations which are subject to occupational health and safety legislation. Organizations that fail to adhere OHS laws are penalized under these laws.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
Safety miscalculations can result in consequences beyond expectation. This was clearly demonstrated during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, where so many comments, some not so favorable, regarding the oil leakages - and revenue leakages!

We human beings who are fellow travelers on this planet earth, are all concerned about the well being of our only world.

Who were to blame for the BP oil spill that threatened people's livelihood, natural life, the environment, and ultimately, the world itself?

But blaming others is a negative way of placing responsibility. In the case of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, however, it was felt by various quarters that the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of BP and its officers.

Even in countries that are far from the American continent, the tragedy in the oil spill did not go unnoticed. After all, we live in a border-less world. What happens in one place affects other people in this planet.

Did you have the strange feeling that not much was done and fast during that unfortunate disaster? What say safety experts somewhere out there?

There were the public relations statements and words that seem to steer away from personal or corporate responsibility and ownership. But there appeared to be hopelessness in solving the big problem.

Meanwhile, million gallons of crude oil escaped, poisoning the ocean, the environment and all that are in it.

This clearly showed the importance of safety experts with their knowledge and skills that can save lives.

Where were the highly paid executives at a time of dire needs?

If a gold mine is found, there is a gold rush. Here, the crude was gushing out but some appeared to rush out of responsibility thereby delaying concrete action to stop the leak.

Was money the concern? You bet. However, in capital intensive business ventures, the players need to exercise caution. They seemed caught between so many options in the course of the events. Meanwhile, there is tremendous amount of "money" escaping into the atmosphere.

Employees of BP were negatively affected. So was the company.

We rejoice that the leak was successfully stopped. People are slowly forgetting about this incident from which we all can learn much.

Role of Safety Experts During Industrial Accidents

Many accidents with negative repercussions of enormous proportion had happened in the past. Accidents of such nature can occur in future. If and when these happen, the consequences shall result in loss of lives and damages to properties worth in the millions.

If your organization is involved in hazardous activities, it is important to ensure the presence of truly capable safety experts at all times. They are required under OSHA provisions.

Meanwhile, safety experts (and health experts) are also required in many areas of human existence. Perhaps, road transportation is the one sphere where qualified safety is of primary importance. After all, this is where the highest number of deaths in a year occur. This is where safety is of paramount importance.


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