Three Great Recruitment Tips

These three great recruitment tips are based on the need to do things right from the outset, that is, from the time you first initiate action to fill a vacant position. And you need to get people fast for important positions.

Doing things right from the outset reduces the incidence of future problems. It is possible to foresee the occurrence of every possible problems but at least you are well prepared before then.

1. Get the job advertisement right
This includes getting the words right and using the right format. Present your job advertisement in an interesting way that attracts the attention of people you want to apply for the jobs.

Ensure that you make clear what the job is. You can obtain information on this from the job description. Also specify clearly the type and quality of the person you want for the job. By doing this, you automatically limit the number of job applicants. This makes your job easier. There are fewer applicants to interview. This is cost-effective.

Select the right media for advertising the jobs. It is said that internet users are more likely to look for jobs online. See to it that you also post updated job description online job boards. Do this apart from advertising the jobs in print media like newspapers, journals and magazines.

One of the questions you can ask yourself when preparing the advertisement is, "Am I putting together a team ("a team player")
or looking for an expert who who can effectively communicate with various levels of employees?"

2. Ask the right interview questions
Another recruitment tip is connected to the job interview.

Get ready the interview questions before the scheduled date.

Asking the right questions during the job interview helps you gather adequate information about the job applicant. Poorly-framed questions invite answers that are not helpful. Ask open-ended questions which applicants cannot answer with a 'Yes' or a 'No'.

The interview provides the opportunity to verify some of the things mentioned in the application and resume. The resume may no longer reflect present facts. The applicant may not have updated it. TUse the interview to verify his qualification for the job, the soft skills that he has, his interest in the job, and so on.

About an hour is required to properly interview each job applicant. This is one hour well worth the effort. After that, some time is needed to write proper notes about each applicant.

3. Selection of prospective employee based on competence
Do not make a decision on the spot. Tell the interviewee that you will give notification soon, say two weeks after the interview.

The prospective employee selection process depends very much on what you get from responses to the interview questions.

It is also important to remember that some variation in approach is justified depending on the type of organization that is seeking to recruit new employees. A finance company may defer from an IT company. A non-profit organization may adopt a different method as compared to a bank or business entities.

Recruitment Tips have Limitation

It is important to remember that no matter how many recruitment tips that are available, improvement is possible only by putting the suggestions into practice. Select tips that are relevant. Not doing things right from the beginning may result in wrong selection of people you need to improve the organization's performance.

Having employed the wrong person adds to the overhead without any return. It is said that by recruiting the wrong person you can easily increase the overheads by three times.

Recruitment tips have time limits. Different times and different conditions merit using different approach to recruitment.

With recruitment tips, there is a higher probability of getting the right person for the job. This is the objective and if this is not met there is no advantage gained by employing more people but the right people.

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