Recruitment Policy That Attracts the Best Talents

Recruitment policy is a framework under which your recruiters or the HR department carry out recruitment exercise based on the staffing needs of your organization. The needs are either immediate, in the near future or for long-term planning.

The policy provides guidelines on the recruitment and selection of the right person for every vacant job or as and when you need new people.

The main objectives of having this policy are to attract the best talents available and to determine the most effective methods in the selection of the best talents. The process must ensure best fit between the person and the job. Job description and job specification are useful for this purpose.

If you are the Human Resource Manager or HR Head, one of your responsibility is to ensure that recruitment activities identify the right people to work for your organization. Formulate policies that takes care of a diverse workforce.

Factors To Take Into Consideration When Developing Your Recruitment Policy

The factors include:

  1. Employment Regulations as provided for under enactments and under the common law;
  2. Whether candidates for promotion are from within or outside the organization or both;
  3. Whether invitation is made to qualified applicants available locally, within the state, inter-state or globally;
  4. Status of employment, that is, whether it is permanent, temporary, fixed-term or casual;
  5. How the organization will consider union membership;
  6. Requirements for the job, namely, technical skills, qualification, experience, personal values;
  7. Type of media used for advertising vacancies, such as newspapers, employment agencies, on-line, radio, television, and so on;
  8. Employees' right-to-know, that is, what they are entitled to know about the job, the organization, and other matters;
  9. Information the new employees can expect to know, that is, the what, how and when with regard to their jobs;
  10. Other relevant matters.

Formulation of the recruitment policy must support the HR objectives as well as those of the organization.

Recruitment Policy Preparation

Can you outsource the preparation of this policy?

Preparation of recruitment policy requires the involvement of managers from every sector of your organization.

Participation in formulating this policy instills ownership among managers and supervisors. You are assured that they will follow policy that they had helped to prepare.

You can seek experts' guidance but this is only to ensure that you are using the right method and following the right steps.

Compliance With The Law

Recruitment is an area covered by various laws. These include anti-discrimination legislation legislation, equal opportunity acts, race relations act and so on.

Both the public sector and the private sector are government by very similar legislation.

Small organizations may not have a written recruitment policy. However, they still follow recruitment norms of one form or another. A few may try to avoid compliance with the law and may escape detection, contributing to negative perceptions about employers' unreasonable behavior.

How effective is your recruitment system?

In the first place, you have guidelines by which you can comply with existing employment laws. Non-compliance may result in prosecution and payment of heavy fines.

Guidelines give managers more confidence that they are doing the right things and doing them right.

Managers and supervisors will exercise due care when conducting recruitment activities and selecting candidates for vacant jobs in their department or section. They know clearly whether they are following the law or not.

Recruiters equipped with good policy guidelines have a high probability of identifying the right people to fill job vacancies.

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