Problems of HR Managers: Anticipate and Solve When They Occur

Problems of HR Managers need resolving on time to prevent these from leading to other problems.

If you are the HR Manager or an HR Professional in your organization, or a line manager for that matter, you face problems each working day. Most of these problems are employee-related.

Try to anticipate problems that may arise depending on the type of activities that your organization is carrying out. In this way, you ensure that HR continues to play the role of strategic business partner.

You encounter problems, big and small, from time to time. Every manager and supervisor comes face to face with HR problems as they are also managing people using strategies.

Some of the problems of HR managers include the following.

  1. Talent management. This is an important task that requires preparing a good plan. If done right and implemented properly, this will reduce or prevent many other problems. Organizations now compete on talents.
  2. Employee Development. This issue is related to talent management. It involves mainly competence development. It is said that a lot of small enterprises have this problem. Even so, you can undertake employee development using inexpensive methods such as on-the-job training or attachment training.
  3. Current State of HR. Here, we are talking about the workers themselves, the HR Department and the HR policy and procedures. Some of the things that come to mind are employee competence and effectiveness of HR processes and practices.
  4. Front-line Employees. These employees are at the forefront of creating an impression by the public on your organization. Giving the right training will solve much of the problem. One of the essential skills needed is how to effectively deal with customers, business callers, visitors, and so on.
  5. Employee Claims of Unfairness. This is a difficult problem to solve. Much of the issues is subjective and hard to prove or disprove. It is complex with the law coming into play. This can become more complicated if the employee is a union member.
  6. Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. A lot of employees are plagued with drinking problem resulting in a lot of work-related problems. Substance abuse is becoming a serious problem. This is the reason why drug rehabilitation centers are built.
  7. Industrial Relations. If handled poorly, industrial relations problems can cause havoc. There are some indications that IR-related problems are becoming less. For example, union membership in the United States dropped drastically in the past few decades.
  8. HR Itself is the Problem. You may sometimes end up with HR itself as one of the problems of HR managers. It may happen that there is poor understanding of the role of HR. People in HR need retraining. This problem is related to the difficulty of the top management in many organizations in understanding and giving the necessary support to important HR initiatives.
  9. You are the Last to Know. If and when this happens, this can become your greatest problem. By then, the problem may have become too difficult or impossible to solve. Most probably, no one can undo the damage done. The worst part is that you get blamed for it. You may feel helpless, insulted and angry. Implement a system where you will get to know about the problem through one way or another.

Positive Approach to Problems of HR Managers

Determine the way how you will approach these problems. If these are truly serious problems, as the HR Manager or HR professional, you need to take action fast.

Treat these problems as opportunities for improvement. When you consider problems as opportunities, you will feel more motivated to solve them for the benefit of all.

Employee Rehabilitation

Adopting this approach would require you and other managers to consider whether employee rehabilitation is one of the options open to the organization to take.

Whether or not this is the direction to take depends on the type of problems under consideration. Surely, serious problems will require more drastic measures.

Solve HR Issues That Give the Greatest Impact or Return

Another positive and productive approach you can take is to choose and look into problems that, if solved, will give the greatest return to your organization.

One of these option is to address skills and competence development gaps.

Address this under your talent management program and employee career development plan. Doing this will help you avoid giving too much attention to problems.

Where you encounter complex problems, engage experts. Some call these Correction Managers or Correction Professionals.

These are among problems of HR Managers. There are others. Some new ones will come up as organizations' activities become more complex and sophisticated and as peoples' expectations change over time.

The external environment is in constant change. This adds to the stress of people, whether employed or not. As a manager you are expected to anticipate potential problems of HR managers as you also have HR responsibilities.

When the more serious problems of HR Managers are solved creatively, relevance of HR is assured and thus its continuity.

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