OSHA Compliance Helps Improve Organizations' Bottom-Line

Ensure that OSHA compliance becomes the practice in your organization.

This involves:

  1. Preparing an OSHA Safety Manual;
  2. Ensure the safety manual covers every health and safety issues. Clarity is essential for employees to understand OSHA safety requirements.
  3. Implementing OSHA safety training;
  4. Safety and Health legal compliance requires that every employee is given OSHA safety training. Certain workers may have to undergo the required number of hours in safety training.
  5. Ensuring every employee understands and follows OSHA safety program in the organization.
  6. This requires:
    a) Implementing safety program;
    b) Using OSHA forms to facilitate easier management;
    c) Providing safety training to employees under safety training programs;
    d) Entrusting managers and supervisors the duty to explain further questions on the OSHA Safety Manual.
    e) Constituting a safety committee;
    f) Recruiting safety officers, where required.
    Such safety program, for example, construction safety program, is particularly critical.
  7. Ensuring that employees particularly managers, supervisors and safety officers undergo OSHA compliance training;
  8. By doing this you will always have people who can explain things concerning safety and health in the workplace.

Why do you need to put in place safety programs?

You will have peace of mind if everyone follows OSHA compliance requirements. It can prevent serious problems that can cost your organization a lot of money.

Failure to do so can result in your organization being prosecuted and pay heavy fines.

If this happens, the future of your organization is at risk and this jeopardizes the livelihood of employees.

OSHA, short for Occupational Safety and Health Act, makes it compulsory for certain types of industries and organizations to formulate a safety policy and implement safety rules and regulations under employment laws.

Check whether your organization comes within the Safety and Health Statutory Regulations.

Many countries enforce OSHA regulations. There are a lot of similarities in these laws especially in countries that had developed along similar legal lines such as in member-countries of the British Commonwealth.

OSHA requirements take into consideration hazardous or dangerous work environment, types of industrial installations and the number of employees, among other factors.

Having implemented a safety plan is one of the factors that can help improve your organization's image as an employer of choice, being a safe place to work.

In the absence of a health and safety department, you can entrust the human resource department with the task of implementing and overseeing enforcement of Occupational Safety and Health Act compliance requirements.

Even if your organization does not come under the types of industrial undertakings that must strictly follow Occupational Safety and Health Act provisions, it is good HR policy to implement the spirit of these safety and health legal provisions.

This enhances your reputation as a caring employer and reduces or eliminates the possibility of prosecution by authorities.

OSHA compliance is more than having a safety manual

It is essential that employees commit themselves to what are stated in health and safety plan. Having a safety manual is only the beginning.

After formulating the safety policy and rules you need to ensure that employees follow these rules.

As in the case of all important matters, preparing an effective health and safety implementation plan is essential.

This plan is intended to make more committed in putting into effect the requirements of health and safety programs.

To get a higher commitment from your employees, involve them in the safety and health policy preparation and implementation.

Make arrangement for adequate safety training as part of the initiatives to ensure OSHA compliance.

Once implemented, conduct regular review in order to rectify weaknesses and to formulate improvement initiatives.

Implementation of a health and safety plan is beneficial to you as employer and to employees and to the public at large. People will notice when you comply with safety laws.

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