"Man at Work" Makes this World a Better Place

Man at work in his own little world. Men at work in making the world a better place. Evil people at work in reaping what they had not sown.

Woman at work? Well, it is well understood that the word "man" does include "woman", that is the female sex. It is like that for a very long time. The meaning of the word evolved as time passed.

What is work? In the simplest of terms, it can include anything and everything that man does in his waking state. It can range from the most
menial - which many people in high position may shun - to the strenuous to the most noble of jobs.

But can you describe a person who just sits and uses his grey matter as a "man at work"?

Well, he is at work. Such people would include designers,
planners, inventors. Every job requires using of the brain, the thinking faculty to a greater or lesser degree .

This is even true of the laborer. He needs to decide what tools should he use. How would he start the task? Where will he start? When will he stop? Can he finish the job alone? And so on.

But what about a person who plans only to do evil? Can he be defined as doing work? What about members of secret societies who describe themselves as "on a job" and having performed something bad is said to have "completed the job"? Job is work. Or is it?

So what is work?

Right thinking people will agree that a job is some activity that defines him as a person. It is something that gives some meaning to his existence.
What more it is an activity that earns him honest returns.

A man may have completed the job of killing someone but the returns - the blood money that he gets paid with - is not honest money. But it does define him as an evil person.

What of the mother who stays home and nurses her baby and does not get paid? No one in his right mind would deny that this is one of the noblest of all jobs. Think about the saying, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." Exactly! If the baby grows up to become the President of the United States or some other mighty nation, then, indeed, the woman who nursed that man as a baby, the hands that had grown weak as the years passed, is ruling through her child.

This ability is enhance by training.

Pictures that show man at work

Any honest work is good. Every able-bodied person must work for his sustenance.

If you don't work, you may never discover your talents, your abilities

To people who had never worked in their whole life, they may not really know what work is. They may not have the opportunity to get a job. They have missed the beauty of being truly alive.

But there are people who refuse to work. It has been written that "Those who don't work, don't eat."

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