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List of Books as at 29th January 2014 (Note: Some of these books, comics may have been sold in the meantime.)

Books on sale at LOTINGGI DAMPIAN Books & Stationery Shop, Megalong Shopping Complex, Donggongon

Books on Health
The Good, the bad abd the deadly about fat and cholesterol by Dr. B. L. Ho, Associate Professor, Plant Technology and Microbiology, School of Science and Technology, University Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabaly, Sabah, Malaysia.

Books About Life
Home-Safe, The meaning of Life by Regis Castro.
A "story about the relationship between man, environment, personal affirmation and the search for the meaning of life."

The Prayer that God Answers by Regis Castro and Maisa Castro.
A book that aims to "help its readers find the right road to follow so that their prayers and petitions for healing, salvation and being freed are answered."

The Art of Understanding Yourself by Cecil G. Osborne.
This books "will surely help us to live our life with greater zest." (Better Yourself Books)

Books on Wealth
8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire by Bo Sanchez.
Create your wealth God's way. No. 1 National Bestselling author of "My maid invest in the stock market."


The books on Christianity includes the following.

  1. Dictionary of the Bible by John L. McKenzie, SJ.
    "...Useful for both the layman and professional student, whatever his theological persuasion." - Library Journal.
  2. Saint Companions for Each Day by A.J.M. Mausolfe & J.K. Mausolfe
  3. Christian faith fro Today by Robert B. Sheard. A contemporary look at the basics of Faith.
  4. Healing through Compassion by C. Drago
  5. God, Creation and Climate Change. Edited by Richard W. Miller
  6. Come Let us Worship by Miriam N., fsp. Eucharistic Adoration.
  7. Miracle Hour. A method of prayer that will change your life. Foreword by Rev. Robert DeGrandis, SSJ
  8. Decision to Love by Ken Wilson. What it means to love others from the heart.
  9. A Simple Prayer Book. Catholic Truth Society, London
  10. The Secret of Happiness. The fifteen prayers revealed by our Lord to Saint Bridget in the Church of St. Paul in Rome
  11. Praying from The Bible
  12. Rite for Communion outside the Eucharist / Upacara Komuni di luar Komuni
  13. Mister God, This is Anna by Flynn
  14. The Acts of the Apostles. Sudy Guide
  15. Seeking Inner Peace by John Powers. The art of facing your emotions.
  16. Spiritual Warfare by Michael harper. Recognizing and overcoming the work of evil spiris.
  17. Intergenerational healing by Father Robert DeGrandis, SSJ, with Mrs. Linda Schubert
  18. Jesus is the Messiah by Emilien Tardif MSC & Jose H. Rado Flores
  19. Surpised by Truth by Patrick Madrid
  20. The Five People You meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom (A Novel)
  21. The Christian at the Dawn of a New Era by L.J. Card Suenens
  22. Loving God by Charles Colson
  23. The Messianic Legacy by Michael baigent, Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln
  24. Mary, the Perfect Dsiciple edited by Jeffrey Goh & Emmanuel Katongole
  25. Healing Throught he Rosary by Ann Ross Fitch
  26. Fatima in Lucia's own Words
  27. Invitation to Love by Thomas Keating. The way of Christian contemplation.
  28. The Way Back Home by M. Basil Pennington, O.C.S.O. Introduction to centering prayer.
  29. Learning Discipleship edited by Jeffrey Goh & Emmanuel Katongole
  30. Catechism of the Catholic Church (Hard Cover)
  31. Catechism of the Catholic Church (Soft Cover)
  32. Familiaris Consortio. Apostolic exhortation of Pope John Paul II on the Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World.(2 copies)
  33. Sacramentum Caritatis. Apostolic exhortation of the Holy Father Benedict XVI on the Eucharist as the Source and Summit of the Church's Life and Mission. (2 copies)
  34. Selected healing Prayers compiled by Fr. M.K. Paul, SSP (2 copies)
  35. Jesus I trust in You. (2 copies)
  36. Mother Teresa by Gary Smailes. Modern Heroes.
  37. The Revolution of Love by George Verwer. Moulding our lives to mirror God.
  38. The Odse by Homer retold by Geraldine McCaugherean
  39. Awaken the Healer in You by Bo Sanchez. How ot heal your body-God's Wa!
  40. Becoming fully Human by Joan Chittieter. The Greatest Gkory of God.
  41. Drops from a Leaking Tap by George Verwer.
  42. See Yourself Through God's Eyes by Marie Paul Curley, FSP
  43. The Art of Inner conversion by Fr. F. Antonisamy.

List of Books in Bahasa Melayu for Christians

This is a list of books in Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language) meant for Christians. Some of these books are translation from Christian books written in English.

  1. Ringkasan Katekismus Katolik yang Baru oleh Bishop James A. Griffin
  2. Orang Kudus Sepanjang Tahun oleh Mgr. Nicolaas Martinus Scheniders, CICM
  3. "Pembelaan" Pusat Penyelidikan Katolik (2 naskah)
  4. Jalan Spiritual Sehari-hari oleh Adrian Pristion, O. Carm
  5. Paroki Siri 2 oleh Fr. charles Chiew
  6. Pembelaan Iman Katolik 2 oleh Frank Chcon & Jim Burnham. Menjawab serangan kaum ateis dan New Age.
  7. Kenalilah Misa Kudus
  8. Doa dan mengenal diri oleh Anselm Grun, OSB. Seri Sumber Hidup 9.
  9. Menjadi Keluarga beriman oleh Yosef Marianus Heloo, S.Pd. Sebuah cita-cita dan Pergumulan.
  10. Mengapa kita membuat tands Salip oleh Evert P. Kalumata
  11. Menggapai Bukit Kalvari oleh Pascal baylon Ledo Bude. Kumpulan Doa Jalan Salip Yesus Kristus
  12. Doa seorang Ibu oleh Yohana Titik Asamara
  13. Rangkaian Kisah Bermakna 100 Cerita Bijak oleh Brian Cavanagh, T.O.R.
  14. Kasih di sebuah negeri yang menakutkan oleh Henri Nouwen
  15. Doa-doa kepada Santo-Santa Kesayanganku oelh Rev. Lawrence G. Lovastik, SVD. vol.1
  16. Doa-doa kepada Santo-Santa Kesayanganku oelh Rev. Lawrence G. Lovastik, SVD. vol.2
  17. Gila Benar Iman Mereka oleh Aloys Budi Purnomo, Pr.
  18. Membangun Hidup Rohani Sepanjang Hari oleh Aloys Budi Purnomo, Pr.
  19. Mengapa Saya Memilih Agama Katolik? oleh P. Maris Marannu, Pr.

Apart from books on Christianity, books on other topics are sold at Lotinggi Books (and Stationery) shop at Megalong Shopping Complex, reputedly the longest shopping mall in Sabah. The list of books is a work-in-progress.

Check out for additions to our list of books from time to time.

List of Books in Kadazan(Dusun)

  1. Kadazan Dictionary (soft and hard cover)
  2. Komoiboros Kadazandusun
  3. Pogila-ila Ku
  4. Tanong Aesop
  5. The Four Gospels
  6. Koimaan di Apostol Ngaavi
  7. Kopoposizon id Kotumbazaan

The list of books listed HERE are only some of the books available.

Momogun Comics series drawn by a Local Artist
Momogun comics are available at Lotinggi Dampian Books and Stationery shop. The 6th episode of Momogun is now on sale.

Second / Used Books
We also sell second hand books.

If you have novels, comics (in English or Malay) or other types of books that you wish to display for sale at our shop, please contact or see us during opening hours.

For customers information, there are a number of people who used to come to browse through the second-hand books available here.

Where are we Located?
Visit our Shop at Lot 2-137, 2nd Floor, Megalong Mall, Donggongon, PENAMPANG to check out our collection of books. The list of books stated here are intended to give you an idea of the kind of books available at Lotinggi Dampian Books.

We are open:

From 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday

From 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. during Public Holidays

We are closed on Sundays. (Planning to open evening on Sundays)


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