Knowledge Empowers and Leads to the Good for Everyone

Knowledge Empowers!

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. This means that the written word exerts or has more influence than might or power. This is despite the fact that some people believe that might is right. They are referring to the law of the jungle, here.

Needless to say, the written words are useful to the extent that they are meant for the greater good of people.

And it is only when there is acceptance by the majority that knowledge can move mountains. There is power in ideas whose time has come, it is often said. This is a demonstration that knowledge empowers.

The World of Work

As a manager or supervisor or as an employee,

  • you need knowledge and strategic information.
  • You need to constantly update yourself on the various requirements of the job entrusted to you.
In your dealings with people within and from outside the organization, you need up-to-date information of the right type.

Knowledge is needed by people whether they have regular jobs or not. Knowledge empowers but the willingness and readiness of people to learn. This is a necessary ingredient.

You are not expected to hoard knowledge. You need to share knowledge. Put knowledge into practice. Practice makes permanent what you have learned.

Whatever position you hold in an organization or in the community, acquiring and making use of acquired knowledge help you in decision making and taking action. You can help spearhead necessary changes, find innovative solutions, and so on.

Even if you are at the bottom level in the organization or an ordinary member of the community you need information and knowledge to carry out your tasks. In fact, every individual needs information in order to make day-to-day decisions.

When management and employees accept knowledge as important and that good ideas that produce results are rewarded, the entity is well on its way to become a knowledge organization. Organizational success will surely follow.

In organizations, especially those that exist with a view for profit, HR Managers are in the position to ensure that the right knowledge and information are made available throughout the organization.

In cooperation with other sectors in the organization, the HR Department can arrange for briefing sessions and training programs to update people. People can also submit their ideas during the briefing.

It is also important that people are willing to share what they know. If kept to oneself, knowledge loses its usefulness and may even have destructive results.

Even those who have sworn to secrecy share knowledge but within a restricted group of people entrusted with a mission to attain certain objectives.

Knowledge empowers your people

The right knowledge It enables you and your people to do the job well. The same is true of people in general.

If used properly, the right knowledge makes organizations and communities prosper. This is good for the workforce and citizens.

Knowledge, when used for the wrong purpose, puts the very survival of the organization and people's livelihood at risk. Even life itself is put at risk!

Seek the right knowledge and use it for the right purpose. In whatever situation, under whatever circumstances, the ethical use of knowledge is of prime importance and is a moral obligation.

Indeed, knowledge empowers but such knowledge is intended for the good of people and the society where they live, where they work and carry out their daily activities. After all, every other person is a neighbor to every other person in this small world that is becoming smaller.

Information Overload

Too much information makes things more complicated if not analyzed properly. If this is not bad enough, much of this information is not relevant to what you may need. You need to shift through information that you received even if related, in some way, to what you are doing.

Too much information coming through too many gadgets. This diverts your attention to the obtaining the right information of real value.

You may get sidetracked. Focus is crucial otherwise you will not get much done.

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