Job Interview Questions are Needed for Effective Recruitment

Well-prepared job interview questions facilitate effective interviews and, thus, help to achieve the recruitment objectives.

As the Human Resource Manager or Head of HR, you need to ensure that this is done. Other members of the interview panel need to keep this in mind, too.

Well-thought-out questions can assist in identifying the right candidate for every vacant job.

Obtain all relevant information related to the job that has fallen vacant. Refer to the job description. Discuss with the line manager or supervisor when you are prepare job interview questions. Check out the usual terms and conditions. Click HERE for information on employment contracts.

This will help you in preparing relevant questions relating to the job.

The laws of the country where your organization conducts its activities may prevent you from asking certain questions.

This may reduce the extent of information you can get about the applicant. This may hinder your search for the right candidate.

If you ask irrelevant questions, you may face charges of discrimination.

To ensure that you don't go against any of the employment laws, be knowledgeable about the employment laws in your country or in the country where your organization operates.

You may require a longer time to prepare well for the job interview. This has a bearing on cost. But this is time and money well spent.

The job interview is one of the structured behavioral approaches to employee selection. This can help in identifying the most suitable candidate for the job. If you do it well, you will get the person that you want. This goes to show that asking the right job interview questions is important.

You have only one opportunity of going through the motion of a job interview. Once you have issued the appointment, termination is not easy even if you later discover that you have selected the wrong candidate.

The probability of this occurring is slim if you have prepared the right interview questions.

Conducting a Good Job Interview

Keep in view the following matters when getting ready job interview questions, and during and after the job interview.

  • Understand clearly the requirements of the job that has fallen vacant. List out the key responsibilities, the job location and uniqueness.
  • Refer to the job description.
  • Make a list of qualifications, experience, skills and personal qualities required of applicants.
  • Refer to the job specification to verify this.
  • Establish what information you want to obtain. Prepare relevant questions that are job-related and person-related, bearing in mind the constraints under the law.
  • Conduct the job interview in the proper place and setting. This enhances the image of your organization.
  • Applicants feel that they are important and will consider your organization as a good place to work.
  • Identify what additional information you need after reviewing the application form or resume.
  • Put the applicant at ease before asking any of questions that you have prepared. This will put the applicant in the right frame of mind. Your questions will then get better responses.
  • Make your judgment on an applicant only after you have gathered all relevant information. Do not make any conclusion while in the process of asking the questions.
  • Encourage the applicant to talk. You will obtain more information.
  • Allow the applicant to ask questions about your organization or the job.
  • But be careful that you do not reveal privileged information in your responses.
  • Do not allow any form of prejudice to affect your judgment and decision.
  • Keep in view the objectives of the interview. It is to identify the right candidate based on requirements of the job and your organization.
  • Explain the job to help the applicant make informed decision if he or she is offered the job.
  • Close the interview in a friendly way.
  • Prepare the interview report immediately or within a very short time to maintain accuracy of information.

Central Importance of Interview Questions

When you ask the right questions, you will gather information that:

  • Provides insights on ways to improve the job description, job specification, and the recruitment and selection process.
  • Helps you to select the right candidate for the job.

It is essential that you discuss with the line manager or supervisor what questions to ask the applicants.

Being a panel member, the line manager or supervisor can ask questions on the requirements of the job.

For example, when you are concerned about performance on the job, probe the skills of the candidates. Asking questions on the candidate's previous jobs will give you some of this information.

If you wish to know about current competency level, test the candidates in addition to asking probing questions.

Job interview questions should help identify the right candidate for the right job


Job interviews are usually conducted by the Human Resource Manager and the line manager concerned.

The higher in the hierarchy the vacant job is, the more senior is the line manager chosen as an interview panel member.

The CEO and a director may sit as panel members in interviews to fill managerial and senior executive positions. The HR Director sits as the third panel member, if your organization has appointed one. Otherwise, it is you as the Human Resource Manager.

It is always good to have a third person as a panel member. This is to prevent any biased approach or decision.

This reduces the possibility of any charges of discrimination based on the job interview questions asked.

Competency in Conducting Interviews

Develop an in-house team of interviewers.

Providing relevant skills training in the conduct of effective job interviews will enhance the competence of your interviewers.

The training must incorporate the necessary skills needed to prepare effective job interview questions. Role plays must form part of this training.

Availability of internal expertise is crucial if your organization is to reap the benefits of good interview techniques that lead to selection of the right candidate for the right job.

As an alternative method, you can outsource the recruitment function. Many organizations are doing this to reduce costs.

If you do this, it may interfere with the effectiveness of your human resource management plan. Plan properly if this is your choice.

Preparing of job interview questions is an essential part of strategic recruitment which is an important activity in human resource management. Do this properly each time before you conduct a job interview.

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