Human Resources Teamwork Can Have Outstanding Results

Teamwork Without Discrimination

Human Resources teamwork is essential in order to move relentlessly forward in accomplishing organizational objectives. Strive for and work hard towards building, maintaining and sustaining better teams.

Teamwork helps in the achievement of results not possible if done by people individually.

This method of doing things is crucial especially during trying times such as when your organization is undergoing a difficult phase in its existence or during economic recession or financial difficulties.

The environment in which organizations operate is in constant change, sometimes for the better, sometimes threatening the very existence of business entities. It is dynamic and mostly unpredictable. This is in the nature of free markets.

Knowing a bit what Human Resources Teamwork is all about

It can refer to at least two situations.

  1. Teamwork between HR people to help in the management of the workforce, and teamwork between HR people and the rest of the workforce, and
  2. Teamwork among the workforce of the entire organization

If and when such a situation exists, human resources can become strategic partners.

"Teamwork" is defined as the collaboration between members of a group of people with the task of accomplishing a defined objective or target.

"Individualism" is the opposite of teamwork. Most individualistic employees prefer to work alone. If possible, assign these people in jobs that have little interaction with other employees or members of the public.

It is not easy for people having this characteristic in working harmoniously with others. Training, counseling, and coaching are required.

To quote Marcus Aurelius:

    "We are made for co-operation - like feet, like hands... To act against one another, is, then, contrary to nature."

Where teamwork in a workplace is lacking or absent, a lot of personality clashes and other undesirable things occur to the detriment of the organization.

Evidence Demonstrating Presence of Human Resources Teamwork

Teamwork is demonstrated by:

  • cooperation between workers within departments, between workers of different departments, between employees in the entire organization, and between management and lower level employees;
  • willingness of employees to help each other in the course of performing their duties;
  • cross-functional collaboration;
  • vertical and horizontal cooperation;
  • readiness to work towards mutual benefit;
  • openness of management towards proposals forwarded by employees of whatever level;
  • recognition of team performance through team assessment and rewards for team achievement.

Should Human Resources Teamwork Concern Your Organization?

In every human endeavor, teamwork will always have its important place.

Teamwork leads to accomplishment beyond one's expectation. It is short of "miraculous" or requires a herculean effort to accomplish much through one person. If it happens that a person can accomplish a lot that is an exception rather than the rule.

In the management of people who have the tasks of helping organizations succeed in the area of their operation, human resource teamwork plays a critical role.

Work towards such collaboration not through questionable means but through proven ethical means.

Teamwork may make the difference between achieving your organizational target and failure. You do not want to fail. No one wants to. Prepare effective plan to ensure there is excellent human resource teamwork in your organization.

Criticisms of Human Resources Teamwork

Teamwork had become the target of critics not because it is not good but because many organizations had failed to successfully implement and manage it.

Some even go as far as saying that teams do not work and are no longer relevant. This, of course, is an extreme view.

As compared to committees, organization can hold the team leader responsible when things do not work as planned. But in the case of a committee, there is no single person accountable when things go wrong.

In the meantime, organizations continue to make use of teams such as task forces to solve problems critical to organizations.

Review how well your teams have performed. Identify weaknesses and rectify them in order to achieve the purposes for which these teams were initially formed. Selecting the right team leader is essential, otherwise things need redoing.

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