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Human Resources current issues involve various aspects of the HR, its function, systems and processes, and activities.

Let us look at some of these.

There are several writers who believe that we need to do some rethinking on strategic HR. Another HR issue raised is the necessity to do a rethinking on 'strategic recruitment.'

There is much talk about strategic Human Resource management. But surveys had shown that there is not much evidence that its implementation is widespread.

It also varies from country to country. The human resources current issue is whether or not more organization will realize the importance of the people who work for them.

The role of HR is changing as the result of globalization, rapid technological development and progress, and changes in stakeholders' expectation, among many.

Skill in managing global HR issues is fast becoming one of the emerging Human Resources current issues.

Workers migration and expatriate employees pose problematic issues. These require organizations to formulate an appropriate international Human Resource management policy. Many organizations are yet to recognize the need to do this.

Another issue, namely, the continued use of job description is criticized. Some argue it is no longer relevant.

Another matter that needs attention is the increased presence of female employees. Female workers are now competing for jobs that are formerly the domain of male employees.

Still another issue that calls for attention is employee behavior. It is becoming harder to terminate or dismiss even difficult and under-performing employees.

What more, even the use of strategies in the implementation of human resource management has been questioned as being anti-union and manipulative.

Training continues as on-going concerns of organizations. But they are not the only parties concerned with training. It has become a national issue in many countries.

The CEO Employment Contract is coming under increasing scrutiny. Among the questions raised are whether the performance of CEOs merits the kind of pay they are receiving, and whether they should go if their achievement is not up to the board's expectation.

Apart from all these issues which do not fail to surface from time to time, human resource diversity is fast becoming an important Human Resources current issue.

The Knowledge Organization

Change your organization's plans in response to changes in the business environment.

Ways to managing human resources must also change in line with changes in your business plan. To do this, you need information on what brought about the current state of things. You need ideas and knowledge on how the HR function can respond effectively to the new situation.

Proponents and practitioners of human resource management usually provide ideas which can give new insights.

Be alert to new books on HR management and human resources articles on Human Resources current issues.

One way of ensuring you do not miss new information is to become a knowledge organization. Here, every one of your employees is encouraged to educate themselves and to widen their knowledge. HR current issues will update your HR people information.

Managing People, Performance and Risk

Effective management of employees is important. Doing this motivates employees to do their respective job well. Employees become more focused and will want to continue working for your organization.

Manage your employee's performance well by aligning what they do to the achievement of your business objectives.

Identify the risks related to your human resource.

For example, what are the risks if your good employees leave. Or what will happen if your people are not achieving their defined objectives.

What steps can you take to reduce or minimize the risks involved?
What can you do to prevent any of the risks from recurring?

Risk is one of the human resources current issues that your organization must manage and control. This is especially true during economic downturn or when organizations are undergoing a difficult phase.

HR Planning

To meet all the challenges posed by Human Resources current issues, you need an HR plan. Such a plan needs to determine the possible trend of HR.

Under such a plan, you can improve people's readiness by way of human resource training and development plans under strategic human resource development.

Ongoing Debate

The debate on the importance of strategic human resource management continues. These are very clear from the human resources current issues raised without ceasing.

There are many human resource issues that are crying for attention.

The list of issues is open-ended. This is an example.

There are some writers who are already looking into new theories on people management. They pose questions on the future of human resource management, whether it is undergoing a transition.

You may agree that effective management of human resource is important. But do not remain at the talking stage. Take steps to find out how it can help in your organization's success.

There are many organizations who continue to manage their people as before. This is to the detriment of the Human Resource function.

The way you manage your workforce must change in response to changes in the business environment and new effective ways of managing people.

Do not allow negative comments on strategic HR management to divert your attention. Focus on the views of those who had successfully implemented strategic human resource management and had reaped the benefits thereof.

Be on the look-out for new developments in the on-going debate on human resource management and its strategic role in organizational success.

Managing Teams effectively is a Human Resources current issue. There is constant search for ways to make teams work effectively

The use of teams is becoming more widespread. Leaders continue to search for the winning combination in managing teams.

But the debate on the effectiveness of using teams to accomplish things continues.

Mismanaging teams is a real possibility. There is also the danger that some managers may use teams to avoid personal accountability. Read the article by Lindsay Blakely on "How to Manage Teams in a Downturn."

Effective management of HR in the 21st century is an important management issue. Click here for more information.

New Information Necessary for Effective Planning

Ensure that you keep yourself and your people up-to-date on Human Resources current issues.

For example, there is a belief that someone will find better strategic approach in managing human resource before the decade is over.

Timely information can help you to plan well as a response to new developments. In this way, no surprise will catch you off guard.

21st Century HR Present Issues

Organizations continue to face HR issues including the following:

  • Steady supply of talents and management
  • Effective leadership development
  • Globalized business environment requiring diversity management skills
  • Good governance in order to build integrity and trust among managers and employees
  • Effective demographic management

These are among the top Human Resources current issues in the 21st century. Other issues will come up from time to time. Readiness on the part of corporate leaders is a necessary ingredient in effectively resolving such issues.

2013 Issues

Three challenges to HR in 2013 according to Angela Rose:

  1. Finding the right talent
  2. Creating opportunities for talented staff, and
  3. Managing labor and benefits costs

Although written in the context of the United States, these are also of concern to HR people in other countries.

Apart from these, you may want to include one of Meghan M. Biro's five challenging issues to HR in 2013, namely, "Helping new leaders hone their emotional intelligence".

This is of concern since it is believed that emotional intelligence is very effective when dealing with people.

Other Human Resource Current Issues

You would not want to leave out the following:

  • New regulations or drastic changes in current regulations affecting HR
  • Technological changes that either help or hinder HR
  • New generation of workers who either have generation Y or generation Z personal characteristics
  • Challenges posed by social media

Managing CEOs

Learning about and managing CEOs is a urgent HR issue.

The study would include knowing the individual CEO's values, how he or she thinks, who are close to him / her within and outside the organization.

HR need to support and manage CEOs.

Retirement Age

The retirement age of workers is getting higher. This means organizations need better approach to managing workforce diversity.

There is also the need to educate younger employees why people are retiring much later. However, management should continue to make early retirement available to employees subject to certain conditions having been satisfied.

Retirement matters are very much a human resource current issue. Authorities need to balance the needs of new graduates and the need to retain seasoned employees who will retire much later.

Human Resource as a Recognized Profession

HR as a profession is resurfacing a human resource current issue.

People are again asking that institutions of learning and employers recognize HR as a true profession. They want HR experts' acceptance as in the case of legal practitioners, engineers and accountants.

However, it was reported in 2012 that there are more than 120,000 HR professionals in 100 countries who have HR Certification Institute’s credentials.

In England, however, personnel management practitioners are wary of the implementation of human resource management.

2014 Issues

The narrative on human resources current issues continues.

The following will continue to plague organizations.

  1. Immigration
  2. Immigrants will compete against locals for jobs. If locals are choosy, the majority of low level jobs will go to immigrants or workers recruited from outside.
  3. Minimum Salary
  4. This will continue as a contentious issues between employees and employers and workers unions. Many small players will cease to exist. This will impact the job market.
  5. Talent management and development
  6. This becomes more important as more organizations reduce the number of employees. Further to this, jobs are becoming more complex and more challenging when the organizations decide to expand globally.
  7. Brain drain
  8. Some countries are losing the best brains mainly due to lack of job opportunities in their own countries. This stunts the growth of their economy and other areas of concern.

HRM Asia has this to report

A survey by job site CareerBuilder on the behaviour of (US) executives and employees at work across a range of industries, conveys the following information:

  • 24 percent% confessed to spending about an hour daily on personal calls, emails and text messages.
  • Phone use and texting: 50%
  • Gossiping: 42%
  • Surfing the Internet: 39%
  • Social media: 38%
  • Snack or smoke breaks: 27%
  • Meetings: 23%
  • Email: 23%
  • Co-workers dropping by: 23%
  • Co-workers putting calls on speaker phone: 10%

CareerBuilder found that use of cell phone was the main obstacle to productivity. Nowadays, you can often see people showing this behavior while walking the streets. How sad! (Taken from HRM Asia, "What steers US workers off course?", 16 Jun 2014)

Surely a new human resources current issue.

Microsoft to lay off 18,000 employees

The reason behind Microsoft decision to lay off so many employees is understandable for business / economic reasons.

However, the decision to complete the lay off process up to a year is under fire. The question is whether it is fair to employees and good for business.

HR needs to live up to its name

Edward E. Lawler III, a distinguished professor of business at the University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business and founder/director of the University’s Center for Effective Organizations (CEO)wrote that HR leaders should focus on talent management and talent development in 2014.

He states that organizations need to put emphasis on people in managerial and technical roles.

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