Make Human Resource Planning part of Organizational Culture

Human resource planning is a crucial activity of the Human Resource function.

Planning needs to cover all aspects of human resource management to optimize performance of your human resources. Managing people requires critical people skills and effective strategies.

HR Planning involves more than mere planning. Any matter relating to HR planning requires strategies or action plans.

This may also involve going back to Human Resource basics.

Define the role of the human resource function and how it can assist your organization achieve its business objectives.

When you carry out human resource planning, try to keep the following in mind:

  • Internal environmental factors such as culture, your organizational structure and values.
  • The required expertise to propel your organization and to what extent this is met by existing employees with their current competencies.
  • Standards of inter-personal relationships and how helpful this is in fostering teamwork among your employees and between management and staff.
  • The scope and extent of the operations of your organization.
  • Expectations of the different stakeholders.
  • External factors such as economic conditions, government regulations, activities that protects the environment.
  • Your organization's recruitment policy. This forms part of the planning process.
  • Engagement of employees of the right expertise, experience and required behaviors such as ability to work in teams.
  • Formulation of HR policy if there is none and having it approved by your board.
  • Employment of new staff if there is a need to do so.
  • Ensuring that specialized training is given to new staff to help them to effectively carry out their job. In many cases, you may to reduce the "induction period" for new employees. Delay is not good. Try to recruit candidates with the right skills and knowledge.
  • Ensure that employment regulations are followed. This will save you a lot of headache and extra costs.

Human Resource planning is not carried out in Isolation

The world is in constant change.

Your core business could change drastically. Your organization's structure, you business plans and objectives can change.

The way your organization conducts its business activities needs to change in response to changes in the business environment.

And they must change to enable your organization to survive.

Manage change the right way at all times. Timely and regular feedback is part of the management of change.

People! They are the one important resource your organization needs to look after properly. Your employees are of paramount importance.

Make effective plan to manage them well and they will look after your business.

Fail to do it, and you will become a “firefighter”.

Stakeholders and Their Expectation

“Stakeholders” is one word that may make you shudder when performing human resource planning.

Keep in mind their expectations of the organization. They have interests at stake.

Stakeholders can include:

  • Board of directors
  • Investors
  • Your Management
  • Employees
  • Bankers
  • Economists
  • The government
  • Members of the public
  • Journalists
  • Law makers
  • Educational Institutions

These stakeholders have competing interests. This makes planning all the more important.

Why Organizations Must Perform Well

The Board of directors usually want to know why productivity is low. They are concerned about the continued survival of the company.

Senior management wants to see that targets are achieved. It is a requirement in many big organizations to link salaries of senior management, especially the CEO, to increasing stakeholders' value.

Employees do not only expect to be rewarded well but that they want assurance of a secured job.

Investors and bankers will not be so ready to provide financing if the organization is not doing well financially.

The government expects to collect more revenue through taxation. Failed organizations are not good for governments.

Law makers want to see that the laws that they had passed are supporting the growth of commercial entities and helping to prevent a down-turn in the economy.

Economists as well as journalists are looking for news-worthy information and as source materials for research.

Educational institutions want to see whether they are churning out quality human resource. Failing to do this is not helpful in creating an image of educational excellence.

Accomplishment of Expected Target

Conduct an HR SWOT analysis to check whether your HR function is performing as expected, and whether it is still relevant to the business objectives of your company.

Find out your internal strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats presented by the external environment. Take necessary action at the earliest opportunity.

Implement necessary changes. And if the organizational objectives have changed, review your HR plans, and make adjustments accordingly.

What is the probability that your organization will succeed in the absence of any plan whether relating to HR and the organization?

Go back to the drawing board if you are not satisfied with your human resource plan. Planning and reviewing plans are an important part of strategic human resource management.

You will not regret that you have taken the first steps to initiate your human resource planning.

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