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Get acquainted with the writings of every Human Resource books writers whenever possible.

This is what every Human Resource Manager and HR specialist need to do so in order to update their knowledge.

These HR expert writers have continued to recommend the use of strategies in human resource management.

Let us see what some of these writers had stated.

On HRM Definition
Michael Armstrong one of the well-known Human Resource books writer with many books to his credit, defines "human resource management as a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valuable asset - the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of its objectives." (Strategic Human Resource Management: A Guide to Action


To Michael Storey, there are four aspects constituting a meaningful version of human resource management, namely:

  1. a particular constellation (group) of beliefs and assumptions;
  2. a strategic thrust informing decisions about people management;
  3. the central involvement of line managers, and
  4. reliance upon a set of 'levers' or drivers to shape the employment relationship.

Pfeffer and Ivancevich on Performance
One of the other Human Resource Books writers, Pfeffer in "The Human Equation: Building Profits by Putting People First [HUMAN EQUATION]

(1998)," states seven (7) dimensions of effective people management that can improve economic performance, namely:

  1. Employment Security
  2. Rigorous Selection
  3. Self-managed teams and decentralized decision-making
  4. Comparatively high compensation linked to individual and organizational performance
  5. Extensive training of employees
  6. Reduced status distinctions, and
  7. Extensive sharing of financial and performance information throughout the organization

A rigorous selection is intended to identify people with the attitudes and skills that high performance organizations require.

Yet another writer, J. M. Ivancevich in his book "Human Resource Management (2001)" states that "performance management practices generate profitability gains, share price increases, higher company survival rates, increased sales and lower labour turnover."

These refer to the positive impacts of effective performance management on the financial performance of organizations.

On Environment for Success
R. S. Randall Schuler, Galante and Susan Jackson stated that organizations can improve their environment for success by making choices about HR planning, staffing appraisal, compensation, training and development and labour relations that are "consistent with and support the corporate strategy."

Schuler in "Occupational Health in Organizations: a measure of personnel effectiveness" wrote:

    "If organizations can reduce the rates and severity of occupational accidents, diseases and stress and improve the quality of the working life of their employees, they will be more effective."

On International Assignments
J. J. Black, H. B. Gregersen, M. E. Mendenhall and L. K. Stroh wrote about international assignments which has reference to global human resource management.

    "International assignments are the single most powerful means for developing future global leaders."

A survey has shown that pre-departure knowledge and orientation on the culture, history, geography, politics and economics of the country of destination was "significantly and positively related to work success, interaction and general adjustments (of Japanese expatriated in the US).

Global management skills are now in great demand due to the internationalization of business operations.

However, not all human resource books writers paint a rosy picture of human resource management.

P. Boxall (and Dowling), for example, state that some academics find the notion of HRM (human resource management) not only as distasteful but down-right Machiavellian (that is, a cunning way of dealing with people.)

This suggests manipulation of people in order to achieve certain objectives.

Importance of New Ideas on New Ways of Managing People
Keep up-to-date on any new HR book.

In this way, you will not miss anything important that can help in finding better ways of managing your human resource. Ensure you are aware of current books churned out by Human Resource books writers.

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