HR Strategic Planning Puts Things in Motion, Optimizing Utilization of People

Empowering People to Drive Productivity

HR strategic planning is a critical matter calling for the attention and decision by the highest managerial level in your organization. This is one of the important 21st century HR issues that you and your management team need to tackle. Click HERE for information on human resource strategy.

Effective planning by your top management team can ensure support throughout your organization to a large extent.

Also obtain your board's endorsement.

It is necessary that every key person including people in HR understands the importance of preparing strategic plan.

Human Resource planning is one of the important activities of the HR Manager and HR professionals.

When developing HR strategies you need to refer to your HR Mission Statement apart from the organization's overall objectives.

Strategic HR Planning plays an Important Role in the Overall Strategic Business Planning Framework.

There are certain important aspects of HR management that are basic to understanding what are involved.

Getting ready necessary HR-related forms will help you to maximize use of your time.

Addressing Important Human Resource Matters

Address all important aspects of HR, including but not limited to:

  • Human Resource Objectives
  • Human Resource Strategy
  • HR Management Plan, and
  • The HR Balanced Scorecard as HR Performance Measurement

Human Resource Strategy

Make use of human resource strategy at the various stages of corporate development. See how your organization's Mission Statement can show the direction. More Information on HR and Mission Statement" HERE

Strategies can range from functional strategy and capability strategy to results strategy.

Functional strategy is the strategy you adopt to effectively carry out the HR activities under the HR function.

Capability strategy refers to the action plan to develop the knowledge and skills of employees including HR people.

When we talk about results strategy, we mean the strategy to align human resources to the "companies' overall business strategies."

The outcomes are measured to determine whether the HR plan is helping to achieve the business plan.

The link to the business strategic plan is crucial to leverage the success of your organization through the optimal utilization of your people.

You need people with effective leadership styles in the preparation of all your plans.

Relevance of HR Strategic Planning to Organizational Success

Surely you have some form of human resource plan. Perhaps it is not in written form.

Some organizations have implemented and are using strategy in HRM planning not too long ago.

The aim is nothing less than finding the "best fit" between human resources and organizational business strategies.

Find out the reasons why your plans sometimes fail.

  • Failure to understand customer's real needs and the reasons why
  • Failure to predict changes in the business environment
  • Not knowing the position of employees' competencies in meeting organizational needs
  • No or weak senior management commitment
  • Failure to follow the plan through to completion
  • Inability to manage change
  • Ineffective communication methods resulting in poor understanding, and thus, poor commitment by employees
  • The strategies adopted are unrelated to the overall business plan

The last reason on the list is very critical.

Do not plan for the sake of planning. The objective is to link, to align HR strategies to organizational objectives.

This presumes that there is an organizational strategic plan in place.

In your endeavors at HR strategic planning, keep reminding yourself of the need to link the strategic plan - that is, the step-by-step action plan - to the overall strategic plan of the organization.

Simply put, focus on making a good HR plan.

Re-engineering of HRM

Understanding how to develop strategy is a motivation to progress to HR strategic planning.

You can use the services provided by human resources organizations to re-engineer human resource management in your organization.

As a human resource professional, you are rightly positioned to help your organization succeed in this important endeavor.

Planning Knowledge and Skills

HR strategic planning is easier said than done. Skills and knowledge are required.

Arrange for the relevant skills training in the absence of adequate internal expertise. Everyone in critical positions must undergo the necessary skill training.

The training and knowledge acquisition on strategic planning must address the needs of every sector in your organization without exception.

Update the planning skills and knowledge of your people from time to time. This includes HR strategic planning knowledge and skills.

Strategize your employee training and development plan. Again, this means linking your employee training and development objectives to your organization's skills and knowledge needs.

If you can find a good consultant, go ahead. Engage the consultant to ensure that everything goes according to plan. However, even if you engage a consultant, on-going training is still very much required.

Expertise transfer and employee ownership are some of critical factors to consider before engaging a consultant.

But there is another - and cheaper - way. It involves people from within the organization itself to take the necessary action. Appropriate training will enhance their expertise.

This requires managers to teach themselves how to carry out HR strategic planning.

Many managers and supervisors look for answers at various times in the course of performing their responsibilities on how to manage people better.

As a manager you may have read or heard about the need to use strategy in human resource management. You believe you know and understand. But when it comes to actually doing it, you are not too sure anymore.

Here is a book about linking strategy to human resource management available at

Accomplishing Your Overall Strategic Plan

HR strategic planning plays an important role in ensuring that your organization has a high probability of attaining its HR objectives.

This is one of the things that need doing under Strategic Human Resource Management initiatives.

If you can achieve this, you are assured of success in accomplishing your overall strategic business plan, with your people playing a pivotal role.

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