Three Important HR People Tips

These three great HR people tips are considered crucial to ensure that HR people and what they do will remain relevant to the accomplishment of organizational objectives.

HR people need to demonstrate that they continue to play a crucial role, that HR will never get outdated or replaced by machines or robots.

Tip #1: Learn the Trade
The saying goes like this. "Learn the trade, not the tricks of the trade."

The same is true of HR people. They should not learn the bare minimum about HR. They need to learn in depth what is HR all about. This requires serious study of human resource management, what it involves, and in what ways it is relevant to the success of organizations.

If you are an HR person, you need to do a lot of reading. You may need further training. You need to attend relevant HR course programs. And the way a business organization is run. Learn from others especially from those who know more about HR.

Enhance your competence and skills in human resource management so that, in turn, you can provide tips not only to people in HR but those who need HR know-how.

Knowing all the essential things about HR gives you the confidence to make a strong case on relevance of HR to top management.

Tip #2: Don't consider HR as being all about Employees' Recreation
HR is not about employees' recreation. HR is not a feel-good club.

Some point an accusing finger at HR, saying that HR is involved in mere public relations activities. True enough HR people must know how to go about creating a harmonious working environment. This means helping to prevent a hostile or inhospitable working environment. A conducive working environment is necessary for individual and organizational growth in practically every way.

HR people are there to help the organization prosper for the good of all stakeholders, including employees. They can do this by diligently learning all important aspects of human resource management, what it is and what it is not.

Tip #3: Do not give up easily on people
HR is about people and how they act as one of the important engines of growth in organizations. People in HR need to remember this. Without people, organizations will end up nowhere. Technology and robots can bring only so much to organizations. There is no limit to what people can achieve.

You may have read that in some developed countries, there are robots who can perform chores almost like individuals. But even these are inventions by bright and hot-blooded people. And almost certainly, these people were recruited by HR.

You may have watched one of the Terminator movies where the smart machines invented by people turned against humanity, threatening to wipe them out from the face of the earth. One of the things that one can learn from these movies is that machines cannot and will never think rationally like a human being.

It is fairly clear that if you do not give up on people, your organization has a sure hope of making a success of itself, sooner or later.

Other HR People Tips

There are other HR people tips but these three great HR people tips are thought important enough for consideration by every organization and, of course, HR people themselves.

Put into practice two or all of these tips and see whether any improvement comes about. If not, conduct a review of the matters involved.

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