Align HR Mission Statement to Corporate Mission

You can say that HR Mission Statement is a statement of the reasons why the Human Resource department exists in your organization.

Your Organization's Human Resource Mission Statement
First, you need to clearly understand your organization's Mission Statement.

If the organization has no Mission Statement, propose one to management. The HR Mission Statement takes the cue from this statement.

Human Resource Mission statement is essential in making HR as a strategic partner.

Definition of a Mission Statement
It is described as "the operational, ethical and financial reasons" why an organization exists.
Click here for Info on Mission Statement. How can you relate this to your HR Mission?

Preparation of the Human Resource Mission Statement

The first thing that your organization needs to do in human resources management is to define the "Mission" and "Objectives" of the Human Resource Department.

The Human Resource Mission Statement must state:

  1. the services provided by the Human Resource Department
  2. your HR plans including those that the HR Department wants to pursue in the long-term, and
  3. the organizational business strategic objectives that you want the HR Department to satisfy

In the process of preparing the HR Mission Statement, ask questions such as:

  • What is my organization's Mission Statement?
  • Why does the HR Department exist?
  • What is the main thing that the HR department and HR professionals must focus upon?
  • How can I link human resource to the overall business objectives of my organization?

A human resource SWOT analysis can assist in determining what the HR Department needs to focus upon.

Click HERE for an explanation of a SWOT analysis.

You need to know the organization's business activities and the business strategic plan in order to determine the right links.

Importance of HR Mission Statement

Human Resource Mission Statement is essential since it:

  • helps HR people to concentrate their efforts and time in the accomplishment of the department's mission that is aligned to the organization's mission.
  • can enhance the image of the HR department when the HR department assists in achieving the organization's plans.
  • assists other departments' understanding of the overall aims of the HR department and the relationship to their respective department.

Human Resource Vision, Mission and Objectives

Formulate your Human Resource Mission Statement together with the HR vision and HR objectives.

The HR vision is in the form of Human Resource Vision Statement

Remember to align your HR objectives to the overall organizational objectives.

Together with HR vision (contained in your organization's Human Resource Vision Statement) and HR strategic objectives, the Human Resource Mission Statement can result in focusing the HR function in helping the organization in accomplishing the overall business objectives.

For example, if the organization is going to open a new business venture in a niche market, the HR mission and short-term objective is to recruit the right people with the right skills for the new business. This is to ensure success of the venture.

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