Perhaps HR Is the Weakest Link in Your Organization

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IF HR is the weakest link in your organization, this is an indication that there is something not right whereby the standard of the HR function is questionable.

It is said that a chain is as strong as the link that is the weakest. And it will break at a point and at a time that are not easy to predict.

In the context of the organizations, CEOs and HR Heads need to ask: "We know HR is very important and if Human Resource is the weakest link, how can I plan to ensure HR plays an important role in the overall plan in order to make my organization succeed and prosper?"

Unlike in the case of a chain, you can determine whether or not HR or some other function is experiencing a lot of problems. If human resource management continues to experience employee and organizational problems, it is highly possible that HR is very weakest.

In short, you can somehow know where your organization may face risks. You then can take steps to prevent them and / or eliminate them altogether.

What can you do to prevent people from starting to believe that HR is the weakest link? Instead is there anything you can do to strengthen HR contribution?

Most of the things mentioned within this website provide information on human resource management and the use of strategies that help make HR play a more important role in organizations.

Even if HR has not the capabilities to do a lot of things, you can at least concentrate on three areas which you need to improve so as to rid HR of the accusation that HR is the weakest link with added suggestions that HR is outsourced.

  1. In the area of recruitment, it means attracting and selecting the best candidate to fill a job vacancy. This means, for example, that appointing a child of one of your employees to the job will most probably not satisfy this criteria.
  2. You need to implement a good and effective plan to help motivate and engage every employee in performing their jobs well.
  3. Employee retention is crucial in helping your organization continue carrying out its activities. You need to look for strategies to ensure that employees stay.

What does this mean?
It can only mean one and one thing only. It is necessary for your CEO to treat HR at par with the rest of the other management functions such as finance, manufacturing, and marketing.

What answers to the question 'Is HR the weakest link?'

The answer may follow after answering the following questions:

  • As the Human Resource Manager, do you have all the necessary skills to contribute effectively to the department's capability?
  • Are you helping HR professionals make use of their expertise in building human resource capabilities?
  • Are HR people (employees in the human resource department) knowledgeable and skilled in people management? Are you providing them with the required skills and competencies training?
  • How is HR treated in your organization and what can you do about it?
  • Do you have clear and easy-to-understand HR mission and objectives?
  • Are you effectively and continuously communicating all the important information throughout the organization?
  • What are other important information you need to respond effectively to any situation and events that come to pass.

It is clear that as long as you lead the human resource department and as long as you want HR to continue making valuable contribution, you need to make all the important decisions and formulate and implement a lot of plans.

As the human resource manager or as an HR professional, ask again and again, "Is HR the weakest link?" If it is, "Why and what can I do about?"

By finding the right solutions to these questions, you prevent HR from being blamed and will stop people from asking whether HR is the weakest link in your organization.

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