HR Glossary Terms Starting T

These are some of the HR glossary terms starting T alphabet.

To telecommute means to Work from home. A genuine employment contract exists except that the employee is allowed to work at home, putting in the same number of hours.

It is agreed that there is problem of supervision. There is not way that the employee is actually doing the job.

One way of ensuring that the same amount of work is done is to assign tasks that require completion within a specified time limit.

A person who has the expertise and competence to help other people acquire certain types of skills necessary in the effective performance of their duties.

Every manager, such as the HR Manager, and supervisor is expected to train subordinates.

Training refers to activities intended to develop and improve an employee's skills and to add to his or her knowledge of the job. The main purpose is to help the employee perform his or her job to the satisfaction of the employer.

Training Needs Analysis
This is the determination of the types and regularity of training needed by each employee in an organization and the skills needs of the organization.

This is related to skills and knowledge needs.

Other HR glossary terms starting S will be added as and when considered necessary.

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