HR Glossary Terms Starting R

These are some of the HR glossary terms starting R alphabet.

Taking action after a problem has happened. This is the opposite of "pro-active."

This can have disastrous consequences. By then, it is too late to take action except to carry out damage control. It is costly.

Recruitment refers to the activities carried out by the HR department to identify and employ the right person for the right job.

The placement of an employee to a certain job or location.

The extent of consistency and dependability.

This can refer to people, team, tool, process, system or method, among others.

With reference to employees, keeping them in service through proper planning and offering the right set of incentives.

R0I of Human Resources
A measure on the return from employees taking into consideration all their skills, capabilities knowledge, and qualification.

Here, people are treated as assets upon which organizations have invested.

HR glossary terms starting with V will be expanded as and when necessary.

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