HR Glossary Terms Starting P

These are some of the HR glossary terms starting P.

Individuals who have agreed to use their resources, skills and efforts to carry out activities to achieve certain objectives, usually financial in nature.

When used in HR, the word "partner" refers to the Human Resource Manager, HR professionals or employees or workers in general as "strategic partners" of their organization.

The use of this word is not without criticism. If HR becomes partners of the organization, employees will not like it and unions are not too happy about it, too.

The act of carrying out a certain activity or the result of that activity.

For example, HR performance refers to the results of the activities of the workforce based on defined standards and measures.

Performance Appraisal
A system for determining how well employees are performing their jobs, communicating that information to them and making plans to improve their performance.

Performance Gap
This is the difference between the current competency level and the required competency level.

Performance Management Taking action to improve performance of employees, every unit or department and that of the organization by linking or aligning their objectives.

It covers HR activities such as job design, recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, and the reward and incentives system,

Performance Measures
These are indicators that targets are being achieved and to what extent. Sometimes they are referred to as "key performance indicators or KPIs."

Performance Standard
The benchmark against which organizations measure performance.

A member of the workforce.

Personnel Management
Carrying out activities related to the personnel function that focuses on the individuals and activities and not on the overall strategic role of the department.

Systematic way to accomplish a defined goal.

It involves preparing a step-by-step plan of action intended to accomplish certain defined goals.

Taking action in advance in anticipation of what may happen to avoid or reduce negative effects.

Output of either goods or services divided by the inputs required to produce that output.

The movement of an employee to a higher position in an organization either vertically within the same department or diagonally to another department.

Other HR glossary terms starting P will be added as and when considered necessary.

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