HR Glossary Terms Starting O

These are some of the HR glossary terms starting O alphabet.

Open Office Concept
This can refer to a manager's open system of managing people, where he or she is open for discussion at any time.

This also refers to the new office set-up where people including executives work within their own respective cubicle. Even senior people are not accorded the privacy of a room.

Optional Retirement
The age at which employees can choose to retire and still enjoy retirement benefits.

The age differs from country to country.

In some countries, the terms and conditions for male and female employees may differ.

Corporate bodies that have existence apart from the people who manage them or own them. Companies, government agencies and voluntary bodies are examples.

OSHA Compliance
The requirement for organizations to adhere to occupational safety and health regulations.

Failure to comply results in penalties.

In Malaysia, it is OSHA. Other countries use different names. The Australian equivalent is Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

Other HR glossary terms starting P will be added as and when considered necessary.

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