HR Glossary Terms Starting M

HR glossary terms starting M alphabet. Management

The act of accomplishing goals through others in a systematic way involving goal setting, implementation, monitoring, supervision, review and problems solving.

"To manage" is traditionally defined as "to get things done through people."

Someone who is in-charge of an organization, a division or a department in that organization.

It is understood generally as someone who is required to accomplish a certain task by himself or with the help of others.

Mandatory Retirement
The age at which every employee must retire from an organization. The retirement age for public sector employees may differ from that of private sector employees.

Merit Increase
This refers to salary increase given based on actual performance on the job.

Merit salary increase can be understood as the opposite of automatic salary increase where everyone gets an increase without any reference to how the employee had performed on the job.

This is something such as an incentive or a reason that makes a person act in a certain or expected way.

An example is pay, that is, money.

Other HR glossary terms starting M will be added as and when considered necessary.

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