HR Glossary Terms Starting L

Some of the HR glossary terms starting L alphabet.

Labor Laws
Labor laws are laws governing aspects of labor or employment such as working conditions, minimum terms and conditions of employment.

These laws indicate the parameters under which either employer or employee are allowed to act.

Labor Relations
Labor Relations is understood as being the same as industrial relations.

It refers to the relationship between the management of an organization and workers and their unions.

Law consists of both the written and unwritten law governing every aspect of human life.

Most of these are intended to regulate human behavior including at the workplace.

The ability to guide, to motivate, and direct other people in order to achieve a common objective.

Leadership assumes that there is follower-ship defined as "the ability to follow a leader."

It is usually compared to "managing" usually defined as achieving an objective through the utilization of other people's abilities and efforts.

A leader is more than a manager.

The act of continuously improving one's knowledge, skills, and capabilities.

Line Manager
A manager who is authorized to manage and direct employees within a specific job function.

Examples are a marketing manager and a production manager.

Other HR glossary terms starting L will be added as and when considered necessary.

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