HR Glossary Terms Starting J

HR glossary terms starting J alphabet.

Job Analysis
Investigation into the duties and responsibilities of a job, the required skills, abilities and knowledge required to perform the job well.

Job Assignment
This is a specific task that an employee is required to do and to complete within a given period of time.

Job Description
This is a written statement of the duties and responsibilities of a job holder, how he or she is to perform them, and where and when the job holder must perform them.

Job Design
The various elements of a job.

Job Enrichment
Job enrichment is an aspect of employee motivation where the job is made more interesting and challenging. This makes the employee more satisfied as he feels that his or her contribution is valued.

Allowing employees to make day-to-day decisions in matters relating to their job, especially in routine matters, is an example of job enrichment.

Works that exist in an organization.

Jobs also refers to all the works that a person had held that make up his or her career. Some organizations sometimes define the tasks carried out under a particular position as "jobs".

Job Specification
The qualifications, skills, competencies and knowledge required of a person to effectively perform a job. Job specification describes the person, not the job.

Sometimes job specification is mistaken as job description.

This is a group of tasks that an employee performs to help an organization achieve its objectives.

These are the tasks that an employee is required to perform usually on a daily basis.

Other HR glossary terms starting J will be added as and when necessary.

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