HR Glossary Terms Starting I

Some HR glossary terms starting I are listed here.

An incentive is a reward given when a specified objective is achieved.

For example, bonus is given if the company's revenue exceeds a certain level.

Industrial Relations
The relationship between employer, unions, government and industrial tribunals. Entities and their respective roles are emphasized.

Data that have been collated and processed to convey a certain message. Manipulation of data to make it useful is usually done by using computer software. The HRIS is one.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
This is the level of an individual intelligence. The IQ test measures a person's ability to reason.

There is an over-emphasis on IQ.

Some argue that Emotional Intelligence is more important.

A network of computers enabling employees in an organization to communicate with each other, or to enable employees to communicate with management.

This is one of the methods adopted by organizations to attain a paperless working environment.

Other HR glossary terms starting I will be added as and when considered necessary.

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