HR Glossary Terms Starting H

Some HR Glossary terms starting H are listed here.

Some writers explain that HR is used to refer to HR people, HR processes and HR practices.

Human Resource or HR generally refers to the workforce of an organization.

HR Associations
HR Associations are bodies the memberships of which comprise of HR services-based organizations and HR professionals.

HR Automation
HR Automation refers to the use of computers in managing employee matters.

An example of this is human resource development (HRD) system, and payroll system.

HR Information System
HR Information System (HRIS, in short)
This is defined as "the use of computers in generating timely and relevant information to assist decision making."

HR Management
Human Resource Management

HR Outsourcing
HR outsourcing occurs when an organization asks an external organization to manage certain activities under the HR function.

Recruitment is one example.

Other HR glossary terms starting H will be added as and when considered necessary.

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