HR Glossary Terms Starting E

Some of the HR Glossary terms starting E are listed here.

Education involves activities intended to increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of people. It also aims to improve their behaviors or to achieve behavior change.

Education is provided mostly by educational institutions. But training organizations and the workplace are also places of learning.

Education, a life-long activity, is more than being literate.

People in HR need more to increase their knowledge about HR management. For those who are new to HR and have followed a different course of study need re-education in the way of HR.

Usually stated as "doing the right thing". This refers to action in finding the right objectives.

This is often put as "doing things right". This refers to optimizing the use of the least amount of resources to accomplish something.

A worker or staff or member of the workforce of an organization.

Employee Benefits
This are the entire spectrum of entitlements and privileges given to employees by employers.

These are usually non-cash or in-kind.

Employee Motivation
This is something that makes employees act or behave in a certain way which results in performance improvement.

This may either take the form of some kind of monetary rewards such as salary adjustment, incentives such as bonus or a condition such as redeployment to a more interesting and challenging job.

New additions will be made to these HR glossary terms starting E

Employee Relations
This is the relationship between employer and employees that focuses on building harmonious working relationships.

In some countries the term "industrial relations" is used. This connotes the presence of unions and the use of rules and regulations as part of the control mechanism.

Someone or the organization that engages and pays another person or a worker for performing a specific job.

A job secured by way of an employment contract conferring benefits and imposing obligations on the respective parties, namely, employees and employers.

An employment contract or a contract of service between the employer and the worker is either written or verbal.

Employment Law
The law on employment enacted by governments, whether federal or state.

In addition, by their decisions the law courts create new laws including those relating to employment.

Employment Office
The unit or department in an organization assigned with the task of recruiting the right quantity and quality of workers according to current or future needs.

Employment Regulations
Has similar meaning to employment laws. But it refers mainly to enacted laws.

Emotional Intelligence (EI)
The capacity of a person in understanding oneself and how he or she relates to others.

Some writers list ability and skill. A person's capacity includes these.

Salovey and Mayer (1990) made an attempt to define EI as:

    "The ability to monitor one's own and others' feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one's thinking and actions.”

The definition of EI keeps on changing. It is important that knowledge is updated from time to time.

This refers to what is right or wrong, or moral duty and obligations.

Executive Branch
This refers to the senior management level in organizations. They are responsible for making policies and strategic decisions.

The head may have the title of CEO, MD, Executive Chairman or Executive President.

Employees who have authority at the policy making and strategic level, tactical level or supervisors at operational level.

Exit Interview
The last interview of an employee who is terminating his or her service.

By conducting an exit interview, the employer hopes to find out the reason or reasons for the resignation and / or to provide counseling where necessary.

An expatriate is an employee assigned to perform a job in another country.

An expatriate also refers to an employee who is recruited from another country.

Other HR glossary terms starting E will be added as and when considered necessary.

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