HR Glossary Terms Starting D

Some of the HR Glossary terms starting D are listed here.

Data refers to facts that provide important information after having been processed.

Data by itself does not mean much.

Delegation is the act of giving subordinates a higher level task or a decision making responsibility.

Delegation can also be made laterally or to a team of executives or employees.

An act of or the result from carrying out a series of activities intended to improve the present situation.

Difficult Employees
These are workers who are not easy to manage and present problems to employers. This affects the organization's efficiency and has the potential of reducing productivity.

Reasons for this state of affairs are many, personal or work-related.

Counseling can help. But coaching is a more effective option.

Employees having this nature who are not ready to change their undesirable attitude may face the possibility of dismissal.

An act or a practice that differentiates between people or groups of people based on certain characteristics such as gender, race or religion.

Having different human characteristics, belonging to different groups, or having different components, and so on.

Diversified Human Resources
The existence of a situation where employees of different ethnic and cultural background, qualification and skills are on the payroll.

The presence of women in the workplace, employment of minorities and disabled people are other indications of this.

Other HR glossary terms starting D will be added as and when considered necessary.

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