The HR Functions cover every aspect of the Organization

New to Human Resources and want to know what the HR functions are? Or as the Human Resource Manager or HR professional, you need some polishing or refreshing of your knowledge?

You may already know some or most of them. Here are some of the more important ones.

  • Human Resources Employment
  • HR Strategic Planning
  • Formulate a strategic employment plan if your organization does not have one yet.
  • Formulation of Human Resources Policy
  • Preparation of HR mission statement
  • Labor Laws Compliance
  • Human Resources Training and Development
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Employee Motivation
  • Employee Retention

  • Human Resources Employment

    This is one of the important tasks under human resource management.

    This is where you can commence the process of strategic HR management.

    The use of effective interview methods has the high possibility of getting the right person for the right job at the right time.

    HR Policy forms an important part the HR Function

    The preparation of human resources policy is one of the major HR functions. Human resource manual can incorporate every aspect of Human Resource.

    You may want your HR Policy to also state the HR procedures.

    The contents can range from your chief executive officer's welcome statement, to the terms and conditions of employment, the code of ethics, employee salary and benefits, performance management, grievance procedures, disciplinary rules and procedures, and termination.

    It can include the use of your organization's properties, the dress code, health and safety, and sexual harassment.

    You can determine how detailed the contents are.

    Preparation of the Human Resource Mission Statement

    The Mission Statement is very important in focusing the attention of your HR people on their role in improving their performance in order to help increase the productivity of your organization.

    Refer to the Vision Statement when formulating the Mission Statement of your organization.

    Find the answers to the question: "Why does my organization exist?" and "Why does HR exist?"

    Labor Laws Compliance

    Compliance with the relevant legislation is essential to ensure that you can carry out your HR functions with peace of mind.

    Dire consequences for organizations ensue when any provision of labor laws is flouted. This can include being dragged before the courts.

    This responsibility requires a good knowledge of the existing labor laws as well as amendments to it from time to time. As an HR professional, you can assist your organization in avoiding any court action.

    At the same time, you can see what are the changes required to continue aligning your people strategy to your corporate objectives under the new law.

    Human Resources Training and Development

    The training and development of people is intended to maintain or enhance skills, or to provide new skills to employees.

    Strategic training in functional and the core competencies is intended to assist your company achieve its core business targets.

    Employee Performance Management
    Employees' performance is monitored to see whether what they do and the quality of their performance contribute towards attaining the organizational objectives. To what extent are these making important contribution?

    Get feedback. This goes towards review of your strategic plan.

    Employee Motivation

    Motivation of employees is intended to ensure continuance of performance to the level your organization expects.

    Try to learn the types of things what motivate people to perform well.

    Motivation theories such as that of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, provide insights into what motivates people.

    Employee Retention

    Retaining your employees, especially the good ones, is crucial.

    Finding quality people is difficult but to lose one is easy. It is also very costly to find a replacement. Sometimes, it is very difficult to find quality employees that fit your needs.

    Other HR Functions

    There are other important HR functions. Some of these could be sub-categories of those stated here.

    In all of these functions, try to find the "best fit" for each of these HR functions in your overall strategic plan.

    Changing Role of Human Resource

    The role of human resource is changing fast in a world of rapid change in every area of human life.

    Human resources have acquired a strategic position in organizational success. Thus, the main reason why many organizations are moving towards strategic human resource planning.

    Following in the footsteps of organizations that have embraced this new approach, your firm has the assurance that others had gone through the process.

    This positive act ensures that your human resources will play an important strategic role in the achievement of your organization's corporate objectives.

    Ensure that what your people do is in accord with your organization's business objectives in order to maintain high productivity and success.

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