Main Focus: Provision of HR Consultancy Services

Through our HR consultancy services, we will strive to help you to:

  • improve your recruitment system and documentation
  • formulate a competency-based compensation and incentive system
  • implement performance management that can fulfill your organizational needs
  • formulate and implement an Employee Handbook (HR Policy Manual)
  • formulate and implement an Employee Disciplinary Rules and Procedures Guidebook
  • manage your industrial relations issues on a win-win basis

We also provide:

  • training consultancy services
  • manpower consultancy services
  • regulatory consultancy services related to employment laws
  • manpower placement consultancy services (employee deployment)
  • job consultancy services
  • educational consultancy services (for students and employees)
  • employment consultancy services
  • pension consultancy services
  • general management consultancy services

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Human Resource Management
In providing HR consultancy services, we favor the use of strategy in human resource management, believing that your people are your most important asset.

If you manage them well, your organization is in a better position to achieve your plans.

Training and Development
We believe that training and development play important roles.

These help in higher productivity of your employees and organization.

Employment Regulations and Manpower Management
What is the stand that your organization has taken regarding regulations governing employment matters?

HR Legal Compliance will save your organization a lot or headache and money.

We also provide Career Advice
and Help You Relate Qualifications
to Your Chosen Career

Education and Employability
If you are a student, we provide advice in the choice of a career or profession as early as when you commence high school education.

This forms part of our HR consultancy services.

Surely, you are aware that some jobs are becoming more complex and specialized.

In some cases, machines have taken over job performance. The use of computers is simplifying work, while reducing the man-hours required in completing a piece of job.

But without people - that means YOU - organizations cannot progress much. You are a very important asset to organizations. Robots can never take over your role as a thinking person.

Have you made up you mind what profession to choose, what career to pursue?

Decide on your career path now.

In-House Expertise or Consultants
You want to achieve your strategic plan.

You can make use of your internal expertise for this purpose.

On the other hand, you may want to engage consultants. This has its advantages and disadvantages.

We know fairly well that some organizations are not satisfied with the results although they had engaged consultants.

People often fail to take ownership of the system implemented with the help of consultants. The result: Success rate is low.

But this is not always the case.

Contact us for further inquiries.

Educational Information and Learning
This is the Information Age where all forms of information on any topic are available offline and online. Learning is exciting and challenging at the same time.

But information overload can put us off. Often we do not have the time to do all the reading.

Our website, provides information on human resource, making a case for the use of strategies in human resource management in order to help organizations achieve their strategic objectives.

We hope that our website can provide you valuable information as an integral part of our HR consultancy services.

We Can Help You With Your Retirement Problems through our Pension Consultancy Services.

Intending to Retire Early?
You may want to retire from your present job to start your own business.

You can do this whether you are working with the government or in the private sector. But payment of benefits is subject to a number of considerations.

Upon reaching compulsory retirement age, or if you retire earlier, you may want to ensure that your entitlement to pension benefits is in order.

Or you want to know what benefits are you are entitled to.

Call us at 6088-717189 or 6019-5367989 for further information on the HR consultancy services provided.

Email communication:

Get information on your entitlement to retirement benefits. Government employees as well as private sector employees need information to plan for their retirement.

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