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As a Manager
As a manager - whether as the HR Manager or a Line Manager - you hold the key to better and more effective people management. This becomes more important if you are exposed to management responsibility for the first time.

As an HR professional you will want to deepen your knowledge in the various aspects of human resource management.

As a line manager or supervisor, you want to improve the way you manage your subordinates. Among the important matters to explore are effective delegation, leading as compared to managing, effective decision making, performance management, communication skills, effective handling of employee discipline, and so on.

People in other sections will also benefit from your expertise.

As HR Student
As a student taking a Degree in Human Resource Management, you need the right books that can make you one of the best HR students and one of the most wanted HR professionals in the near future.

Books in HR and Personal Development Store

Whatever your activities, you need information. You may have the urge to improve yourself and become the person you are capable of becoming. The right books can provide the information that you need.

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