Goal Setting:
Relevance to Personal and Organizational Success

How would one define goal setting and how important is it?

A goal is something that you want to attain or accomplish successfully or with an acceptable degree of success in relation to something that you want to accomplish.

Setting small goals along way is necessary to ensure that you can attain that overall goal, whether personal or organizational. This involves preparing a strategic action plan.

You need to follow this through with dedication and commitment in order to succeed. Do not let a day pass by nothing something toward achieving that goal.

You can prepare goals in the following cases, among many others.

  1. Personal development
  2. To attain academic excellence by educational institutions and students
  3. Career development
  4. Work or job performance
  5. Corporate success

Whether you are a student, working or jobless, a mere employee or a manager, determining the right goals is important for success.

Write down the Goals

Even if you have a good memory, it is better to put your personal or career goals, or work / organizational goals in writing.

By doing this you have something to refer to from time to time and to indicate where you are in the process of attaining the goals.

Why you need to set goals

  • To push you forward
  • To make hard things manageable
  • To strengthen our resolve to succeed
  • To be responsible for your own success or failure
  • To know better what you really want
  • To make us alive

Setting goals is important.

However, focusing too much on the goals may lead to problems. You may lose sight of the overall picture and the reasons why setting the goals was necessary in the first place.

Goals are like targets, along the road towards achieving the overall objective, whether personal or corporate. They are milestones.

The goals are what you or your organization need to achieve in accordance with your personal or organizational mission.

Setting goals is not an end in itself. It is supportive and facilitative in nature. It shows where you are along the journey in becoming a successful person.

The same is true of an organization in its plan to achieve success. For example, goal setting is important in HR management or human capital management. Without any specified and agreed goals you will not know whether HR is helping the organization become a successful business entity.

Review Your Goal Setting Plan Regularly

If you find that you are not achieving the goals, review your plan, your goals or both.

The regularity of doing this depends on the circumstances. For example, you do this when you find that the goals are too high to achieve and unrealistic in nature. Events affecting the organization also requires re-looking at the goals.

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