Employment Terms and Conditions

Employment terms and conditions play an important role in attracting, motivating, engaging and retaining employees.

How effective these are depends on several factors.

The Human Resource department of an organization is entrusted with the important task of drafting the terms of employment contracts. These terms and conditions can help re-position your organization in achieving its strategic plans.

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If you are the Human Resource Manager you are entrusted with the task of looking for the right people, getting them ready for the job. Where required, you render help in their deployment to the right job and operational area. Knowing the employment terms and conditions for each job is essential in carrying out this task.

If you manage to do this, the HR department will continue to retain its relevance in the overall organizational plan.

Attracting, Engaging and Motivating People

Offering the right terms and or conditions of employment will ensure that you do not only attract the type of people that you need but also engage and retain them probably for life.

You may have conducted an excellent recruitment exercise. But your task does not end there.

The next important task is to continuously engage and motivate them.

To ensure that your people continue to perform well, regularly review the terms and conditions of employment with the purpose of improving their effectiveness. This is subject, however, to certain conditions such as the collective bargaining agreement which may prevent any review of any of these before a certain period of time has passed.

You need to implement the right schemes and programs under which employment terms and conditions can come into full effect. Having effective two-way communication channel can help facilitate smooth implementation.

Human Resources Employment in the 21st Century

Some had ventured to say that technology will play a larger role in human resource management in the twenty first century. There are many companies who offer such technological services or products.

Your organization needs to exercise care when deciding which technology to use. It must achieve the objectives that you have determined as being important, relevant and essential in your organization's success.

One of the questions you can ask is whether it is something "nice to have". If so, it is not worth considering.

Another "must do" is to formulate a policy on technology usage by employees.

Research has shown that an alarming number of employees in some organizations misuse the technology implemented by their organizations. These include misuse of emails and excessive surfing of the internet during working hours. Social network such as Facebook and Twitter are two other examples.

Formulate and insert into employment contracts necessary rules to regulate this type of behavior. If not, employees lose their focus and lessen their commitment to their jobs.

Regularly review Contracts for better employment terms and conditions

Among the things that can help you draft better terms and conditions of employment include:

Crucial Role of HR Department in HR Matters

The Human Resource Department plays a crucial role in ensuring the Human Resource function is carried out well.

This means nothing less than contributing effectively towards the accomplishment of the organization's mission and objectives. It means that the employment policy and activities assist the organization generate more income. This means adding value to services being provided.

Keep this in mind when drafting or reviewing employment terms and conditions of employment. Your success in getting the right people at the right time depends very much of how attractive these are. Further, these must remain effective in maintaining employees' effectiveness.

For example, effective recruitment and succession planning require re-looking at employment terms and conditions of employment to see whether they are still relevant. An example is a CEO's employment contract.
CEOs are usually appointed on fixed term contract.

The Human Resource Department's existence depends on how well it can perform every activity under the human resource function. To put it briefly, every HR activities must benefit the entire organization and the people who are the drivers of its success.

This also includes handling compulsory retirement well.

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