Impacts of Employment Issues

Both employer and employee are concerned with many employment issues. Many concerns are similar but the needs are opposed in their employment relationship.

Among these are the terms and conditions contained in Appointment Letters and Employment Contracts.

These documents regulate the relationship between employers and employees. Poorly drafted appointment letters or employment contract can cause many problems. Industrial and legal actions are among these.

Employees' Concerns

As an employee, you may need assurance on issues in employment especially those relating to terms and conditions that are favorable. You would not want to work for an organization that has no clear policy on employee-employer relationship.

You would want to know that you get the right pay for the job. It is reasonable for you expect that incentives and benefits are adequate for the job.

Other concerns arise once you have reported for duty. Getting the job is only the beginning. You still have a long way to go.

You may worry that you may lose your job, giving you some sleepless nights. Remember that job security is not common these days. The fear of losing your job comes every time your organization faces hard times. Check your appointment letter to find out the level of your job security. Read more information at this LINK

Areas of Concern by Employers

Some employers are more concerned about getting someone to do the job no matter what the pay is or how unfavorable the other terms and conditions are. They draft the appointment letter or employment contract with terms and conditions that lean heavily in their favor.

You need to remember as an employer that this is not recommended. You are laying the ground for future conflicts. If you do this, this may work against you in the end.

As an employer, you need to concern yourself about the importance of offering terms and conditions that attract the right people to work for you. The terms and conditions must have the ability to engage and motivate employees to give their best.

One of the employment issues is the effectiveness of your compensation system.

Formulate a compensation strategy whereby the compensation scheme is closely aligned to a fair performance management system. Reward your people based on their performance for the previous year.

Further to this, as an employer you need to give attention to other employment issues including:

  • Clear policy on employee transfer or redeployment;
  • HR policy including reservation of the right to amend employment policies;
  • Keeping "up-to-date" on HR laws, including new legislation or judicial (law court) decisions relating to employment issues such as workplace discrimination and sexual harassment;
  • Diversity and the growing presence of female employees;
  • "Green" concerns impacting employee selection and appointment;
  • Employee discipline which may conflict with union activities
  • Role of HR in promoting fair-dealing, transparency and good corporate governance.

Unequal Bargaining Power is a barrier to a Win-Win Resolution of Employment Issues

Due to your stronger position as an employer and with so many things at stake, you need to carefully address every issues that affect the employer-employee relationship.

Leaving these matters unattended or giving these superficial or little attention may lead to more serious problems. Do not wait until things become so bad that the financial position of the organization becomes weak and possibly face total financial collapse.

Unresolved issues may force you to end the employment relationship sooner or later. This is not good for both employer and employee.

Harmonious working relationship between employer and employees is crucial for organizational success. Take timely action to resolve employment issues that may have negative effect on this important relationship.

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