Employees Needs Differ From the Needs of Organizations

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Employees needs may turn out as very different from what you are giving them.

As an employer, it is worthwhile finding out what employees desire. Yes, what do employees really need? What motivates them to perform well? What will help keep them working for you for the long term?

Salary and Benefits
It was stated somewhere else in this website that pay can only motivate up to the time the next pay raise is due. This means that money does motivate people to work. But some go on to say that that there are more important things that employees value more.

As an employer, your pay system can influence people whether to stay on or not. Paying competitive salary can ensure retention of employees. It gives them some motivation to stay on. If you can pay competitive salaries as compared to other employers in the same industry, you can retain the best people. Some if not most of them. Retaining good workers is crucial especially during times of economic downturn.

Consider the things that follow as some of the reasons why employees decide to stay on.

Flexible Working Hours and Telecommuting
In some countries, flexible working hours and telecommuting are becoming more common. Certain organizations adopt this approach with the intention of putting into practice work-life balance among employees.

Some people are of the opinion that female employees favor this type of working arrangement.

It is believed that flexible working hours and telecommuting are a morale booster. Whether such effect will become stronger as time passes is a matter of conjecture (a guessing game).

It is also said that telecommuters are more productive and willing to put in extra hours. This results in a win-win situation for employees and employers. However, there are many problems connected to telecommuting. For example, real-time supervision is missing. The quality of work done is another consideration. Do these workers put in the required number of hours of work each day?

Bonuses are usually tied to performance. Either employees' individual performance or company's performance or both, are taken into consideration. This appears as a form of manipulation.It is preferable to pay contractual bonus.

But employees do look forward to get paid bonuses toward the end of each year (calendar year?). The question is whether some will leave after getting the bonus.

Employees expect appreciation from their employers. They believe that employers acknowledge their contribution when given some perks. Examples include free beverages, discounts on health club membership and or interest-free loan.

Employees needs
According to Carol Tice (2012), employees look forward to -
1. Pleasant work environment
2. Recognition for their contribution
3. Perks
4. Help when they need it, and
5. Mentoring

According to Yvonne Grinam-Nicholson, MBA. ABC, 30 January 2013, Jamaica Observer, employees need -

  1. More money
  2. Making progress in meaningful work...To make valuable contribution (quoting Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer, "Progress Principle")

Rieva Lesonsky of GrowBiz Media
Rieva Lesonsky mentions "Recognition" and went on to state four reasons in satisfying it, namely,

  1. Doing it all year long
  2. Avoiding favoritism
  3. Being inclusive - superiors and peers
  4. Valuing employees as people - rewarding "people skills"

List of Employees Needs

How does your list look like? Consider these -

  1. A good pay and benefits plan with a minimum quantum of salary that can pay for your bills and a bit more besides (and enables you to save enough for the future)
  2. Pension plan that helps maintain your quality of life for a reasonable period of time after retirement
  3. Work-life balance that results in minimum level of stress
  4. Meaningful job in which you can grow as an individual
  5. Appreciation as a worker and as a person
  6. Medical benefit that you continue to enjoy even after retirement (but on a subsidised basis)
  7. Skill training in a profession you wish to pursue after retirement

As time passes and the world of employment changes in response to global and or national changes, employees needs may change and will change. If so, these lists of what employees need will have to undergo changes, too.

For example, employers may soon have to look into the implementation of a digital workplace. This means, workers need not go to the office everyday.

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