Employee Transfer Letter

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This employee transfer letter is a sample of a letter issued by the employer in response to an employee's application for a transfer to another job in another department, division or location.

An appointment may specify terms and conditions on transfer including the need to reserve the right of the employer to transfer employees.

In this instant case, the employee had asked for a transfer to the Operations Division from Administration Department.

Some organizations do not allow or try to discourage transfer from a general type of job to a specialized job. On the other hand, some organizations will identify workers who they may transfer to sections where there are needs for additional staff.

The letter below is a sample employee transfer letter under a specific situation


Ground Floor, Lot 8, Block A, Riverside Complex

North Star State

20th February 20XX

Ms Dora Lomech
Lot 7, High Street
Swans Housing Estate
770777 Fort Oldtown

Through: Administration Manager

Dear Ms Lomech,


We thank you for your letter dated 20th February 20XX.

Having examined your overall record of service with New Springs plc, we are pleased to inform that we have approved your application for transfer to the Operations Division of New Springs plc with effect from 1st March 20XX.

You are required to report to the Operations Manager at 8.00 a.m. on the said date, for further instructions and your new assignments.

Please note that you will continue to hold the position of supervisor with no change in grade, salary, allowances and benefits, subject to eligibility for allowances and benefits applicable to employees working in the operations division.

All other terms and conditions of employment shall remain unchanged.

You will undergo attachment training in real time in every section before being assigned to specific tasks on a rotational basis.

Please note that the Operations Division of New Springs plc requires employees to work on shift.

We thank you for your keenness in contributing toward the further success of New Springs plc. We look forward to your continued dedication and commitment.

Yours sincerely,
For and on behalf of New Springs plc

Managing Director

Copied to:
1. HR Division Head
2. Operations Manager
3. Chief Finance Manager

This sample employee transfer letter is different from a letter issued by the employer requiring an employee to take up another job in another department, division or location.

The format of an employee transfer letter differs from organization to organization. Unlike large corporate entities, small organizations may not have written terms and conditions on employee transfer.


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