Employee Misconducts and What You Need to Do

Effective management of employee misconducts is the responsibility of every manager or supervisor, including line managers.

What does this matter involve?

In managing misconducts, ensure that it does not cause more problems for your organization either immediately or much later on. Make decisions for long term solution.

Skills in handling and managing staff misconducts can help you as the HR Head line manager or supervisor. The case becomes much more difficult if the misconduct involves violence or a violent person. Human relations skills will help.

Dealing with problematic employees is never an easy task. People are not robots that managers can manipulate at will even if it is for the good of the employees.

Employee misconduct is potentially destructive when poorly handled

This means that dealing with employee misconducts requires a lot of thought and planning. It takes effort to find a good solution in the circumstances. The problem is that you do not have the luxury of time.

Termination as the only Solution

Some misconducts are so serious that termination is the only option. Termination itself is a "mine field" where you need to tread carefully.

Sometimes, some employees do not see the risks they will face if they do or continue doing things that threaten their harmonious relationship with employers.

Fear of Promotion

The difficulty in dealing with difficult people deters some employees from accepting promotion to a supervisory position. They shudder at the idea of facing people who can talk back. They are not ready to shoulder the additional responsibility and give some lame excuse for rejecting an offer for promotion.

They feel that being a mere employee is hard enough. What more, taking disciplinary action against misbehaving subordinates.

Workplace Scenario

Say, for example, one of your subordinates regularly comes to work late, or sometimes disappears from his or her work station or often goes home early. What will you do? What happens if a number of employees are doing this?

As a manager or supervisor, you are expected to pull up the employees concerned, give them counseling and give them time to improve.

Do not do this in the full view of other employees. Select a suitable place where there is privacy.

Do not follow the practice of some managers who have the habit of issuing a memo addressed to everyone even if only one person has committed a miscount. This is not a professional and is not an effective way in the management of employee misconducts.

If you do this, the wrong doers may think that you are hiding behind a document since you have no proof of their misconducts. You may also send the wrong signal that you are scared to tell them face to face.

On the other hand, good employees will feel that you are being unreasonable and unfair. This may induce some of them to follow in the footsteps of problem employees.

They will lose their motivation to do their jobs well. This is clearly an indication of poor management of employee misconducts. You will find that things will worse than before.

Ensure that your disciplinary rules and procedures include provisions on management of employee misconducts.

Show Firmness and Respect

When employees misbehave or fail to perform, you have the responsibility of taking action with the view to terminate them.

However, give due respect to them as people. Refrain from doing or saying things that humiliate them.

It is possible that if you show respect to a difficult employee, he or she may change so much so that you need not proceed with dismissal.

Disciplinary Rules and Regulations

Organizations need to have a properly drawn-up disciplinary rules and regulations. Without this, managers and supervisors will not know what to do in cases of employee misconduct or failure to perform.

Ensure that every employee is given a copy of the disciplinary rules and regulations. Explain the contents to them either individually or in groups. Every employee needs to acknowledge receipt of a copy of this.

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