The Diamond HR Model of Human Resource Management

Diamond HR Model of Human Resource Management that is intended to help you to better understand and implement the principles of strategic human resource management.

It is found that the implementation of strategy in human resource management is usually shrouded in jargon that some executives in many organizations - mostly small and medium in size - do not feel that they have the expertise.

They believe they must be experts in the field. However, many do not understand what human resource management is in simple terms and how strategies can help make people the most important resource in their organization.

The approach adopted under the Diamond HR Model of HRM is to start from small to big, from sophisticated to easy to understand and apply, from mere activities to strategies but simple enough for everybody in the organization to understand and continue using after implementation.

This Diamond HR Model consists of the following:

  1. Making PEOPLE (P #1) the focus and also the driver of organizational success.
  2. Leveraging the successful PERFORMANCE (P #2) of key positions on talents available within and outside the organization.
  3. Ensuring that every manager and supervisor are conversant with every important aspect of effective PEOPLE MANAGEMENT.(P #3)
  4. Implementing an HR Dashboard on human resource PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT on the three (3) most important elements relevant to the organization.(P #4)
  5. Approving and implementing a POLICY (P #5) that allows the HR Head to participate at the top management planning team.
  6. Concentrating on three very important elements that can ensure organizational success, namely, RECRUITMENT and SELECTION, employee engagement and RE-ENGAGEMENT, and employee RETENTION (The 3 Rs).
  7. Appointing an HR DIRECTOR (HRD) with proven record in HR and who is familiar with the Business objectives and Activities (BA plus) of the organization.

Thus, in this model, you only have to remember:

  1. the 5 Ps
  2. the 3 Rs, and
  3. HRD-BA plus.

End of the story.

All the rest of the human resource management (HRM) and human resource development (HRD) activities are HR processes and practices that support all the elements under this model.

Every employee without exception is to learn and understand their specific role within the big picture of the organization's mission, objectives and activities. Continuous communication through the organization is crucial and is a requirement.

Senior people have no choice but to get fully conversant with all the things necessary to make the organization a dynamic corporate body.

Further explanation of the Diamond HR Model (DHR Model)

P #1 requires a policy decision that the organization's success depends on its people. This is not mere talk or words written on a piece of paper. This is accompanied by concrete action on the part of top management and every manager and supervisors.

P #2 requires effective talent management and development strategies.

P #3 requires that all line managers and supervisors besides the Human Resource Manager, HR professionals and executives are given continuous training in effective people management.

P #4 mentions an HR Dashboard. For organizations that cannot afford the expensive technology, they can do it manually. There is regular reviews of performance at short intervals, say quarterly or even monthly. Regular meeting is necessary to review and understand the data and to formulate plans to respond to the information gathered from the data.

P #5 will ensure that HR will play the role it is expected to play in helping the organization achieve its overall goals through the use of HR strategies that are aligned to the organization's objectives and objectives.

Recruitment strategies, employee motivation and retention strategies are essential supporting elements of the 3Rs.

The HRD-BA plus element ensures that there is an HR champion at the policy making level in the organization.

If organizations cannot effectively handle any of the 3 Rs, - Recruitment, Re-engagement, Retention - they will face problems that may prove hard or expensive to resolve. Events may occur that are hard to undo. It is water under the bridge which means that once the event and time had passed, it is practically impossible to go back to the beginning without any negative results and additional cost to the organization.

The Diamond HR Model is not truly a model in the strict sense. It is a framework to understand what it takes to implement human resource management in organizations.

Click HERE for information on the 7S of HRM. This is intended to facilitate further understanding and complement the efforts in the implementation of the Diamond HR Model of HRM.

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